Simply Be Google Case Study

2017 | Manchester

We worked with Simply Be and Google to create a case study showing how using Google AdWords allows us to be reactive in the market and drive performance forward. 

E 77% Grew Swimwear Revenue by 77%


We had to work collaboratively with the In-house team to grow YoY New Customers, without impacting overall Sales & Revenue and improving CPNC. Specifically, Simply Be challenged Carat to grow YoY New Customers by at least 20% while ensuring we were not inflating our CPNC.


Simply Be's AdWords performance has grown from strength to strength over the last 12 months, and Spring/Summer 2017 was an unprecedented season with spend increasing 21% and revenue increasing by an incredible 62%, meaning our growth exceeded expectations.

THE solution

We were completely flexible with budget using the market to guide us with spend. We jumped on key fashion trends ensuring we were present and we had a huge emphasis on supporting TV and Branding activity with Swimwear being a key focus.

E 77% Grew Swimwear Revenue by 77%
£ 15% Reduced CPNC YOY by 15%
£ 24% Reduced COS YOY by 24%
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