Making Staycations Summers Most Inspiring Story

2017 | Manchester

We wanted to make Halfords the gateway to British summers by inspiring Britons to embrace the staycation, through cross-category consideration across Cycling, Motoring, and Leisure. To do this it was essential to position Halfords as the one-stop-shop for all staycation needs.

Q 67% Families who took action


Set against a context of declining demand for foreign holidays and a gloomy economic outlook, Halfords wanted to build affinity with customers old and new by creating a clear role for their products in relation to summer journeys. Despite their high brand awareness, Halfords were challenged by low consideration and purchase intent. 
The aim was to celebrate the ‘staycation’ and gear the nation up for summer.
Our key ambitions:
1. Inspire families to make lifestyle changes – down screens and spend quality time outdoors.
2. Lower barriers to entry with activity-focused editorial, supported by products.
3. Drive consideration across multiple platforms, establish Halfords as ‘home of summer experience’.
4. Drive footfall to stores during a crucial sales period.

We set ourselves a challenge to set new levels of accountability, measuring retail impact and attitudinal shifts.


Built from the belief in the power of brands to create positive social change, this ground-breaking campaign established a thoroughly modern platform to engage audiences in a story about the value of the staycation.

We developed a content campaign with clear editorial discipline, which created highly engaging reader experience and was delivered with strong commercial discipline in order to drive sales. The campaign was the first to link instore sales and online sales with guaranteed footfall metrics as part of the measurement suite. 

Three key insights framed our approach: 
1. People, especially families, are keen to enjoy quality time together but are desperate for help to make things simple.
2. Increasingly, people believe that brands ought to take responsibility for helping them to achieve this.
3. The increasing popularity of domestic holidays and the rise of the “staycation”.

To successfully deliver on the ambitious objectives meant we needed a partner with sufficient presence and cultural authority to create action at scale; and this is where Mail Advertising came in. With reach of 11.8m UK parents and with a strong history of agenda-setting for social change, they have a high level of trust and a unique level of capability in content creation across all platforms.


We delivered a unique showcase showing families how to make the most of summer - with the kit required to make it a success. Halfords’ staff, experts on getting the most out of products, providing the fit and service, were integral.
Our content was based on three simple principles: 

Campaigning - Our content was underpinned by bespoke independent research. The focus was on getting families to spend time outdoors and educating readers of the long-term health benefits. 
Mail on Sunday and MailOnline editorial involved experts including neuroscientists, paediatricians, psychologists and education specialists.

Inspiring - We sparked imaginations and promoted Halfords’ solutions through 370 print and digital articles, supplements, video, interactives and in-store activity over three months. Relatable social influencers spread the word onto social networks, influencer blogs and directly into Halfords stores. Content including videos, social posts and blogs demonstrated how real families, with the help of expert Halfords store colleagues, could easily get outdoors.
Additionally, we developed a branded video ‘The Pitstop’ featured tips from Halfords staff; an interactive map highlighted 320 UK adventures. 

Converting: The integrated content strategy was supported by high impact advertising executions and retargeting, bespoke e-mails, social extensions and search optimisation to drive families into retail.

Q 67% Families who took action
v 400,000 readers considered key staycation activities
& 71% agreed the content was more likely to make them recommend Halfords
E 6 x uplift in store activity
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