Welcome to Yorkshire - Increasing Footfall in the North York Moors National Park


E Brand Awareness An increase of 53% taking brand awareness up to 81%


In 2017 the government sanctioned controversial energy sourcing – fracking - to take place across the North York Moors over the next 10 years. As this method of extracting energy is shrouded in controversy, the park were concerned that visitor numbers and revenue to the local economy would decline.

As such, working in partnership with Welcome to Yorkshire, the national park authority approached us to devise and deliver a campaign which not only highlighted the culture, heritage, beauty and array of activities available across the National Park, but also build on their existing visitor pool, bringing fresh blood into the park.


A co-funded partnership with TI Media allowed us to target both contextually relevant and lifestyle titles across their portfolio; showcasing North York Moors in all its splendor. Content was seeded across a multi-platform strategy, utilising all of the titles’ available platforms and included free of charge editorial content and mentions from trusted and love brands throughout the campaign – helping drive traffic to the Welcome To Yorkshire website and showcasing North York Moors as a perfect ‘staycation’ destination.

Working with JCDecaux, inventory was concentrated across roadside large formats, rail and shopping malls through an impression buy which provided Welcome To Yorkshire with the flexibility to fuse our DOOH with our radio and paid social activity. Each channel informing and feeding off the other to maximise efficiencies in our targeting and bolster campaign cut through, reach and impact.

We shared our Classic FM radio schedule laydown with JCD for them to upweight playouts at the same time as the airtime, increasing the opportunity for the audience to listen and see the ad across two separate channels at the same time. Helping to drive reach and recall across our media strategies.

In addition to this, we had paid-social activity layered across the summer months running a range of creative, tailored to a key audience; each showcasing the benefits of a trip to the North York Moors.  A weekly engagement report was shared with Decaux, allowing them to use the learnings from the campaign and upweight the creative and audiences that had the most traction online across our DOOH inventory the following week, by region.


Brand tracking highlighted that having been exposed to the campaign, brand awareness increased by 53% (to 81%) while also highlighting that 71% of people had a positive reaction to the national park.

54% reported that the DOOH creative had told them something new about the park, with 59% of people reporting they’d likely visit the North York Moors as a result of the activity.

Socially we recorded CPV of £0.01 while generating a VTR as high as 33% (CTR came in at 0.73%)!

After being exposed to the ad, consideration within the 18-34 demographic increased to 67% - key for bringing in a new audience and growing visitor numbers to the North York Moors National Park.

E Brand Awareness An increase of 53% taking brand awareness up to 81%
O New Visitors 59% of people reported that they'd be likely to visit the North York Moors National Park as a result of the activity.
v Incredible CPV On social we recorded a CPV of £0.01 and generated a VTR as high as 33% and CTR at 0.73%!
Q Increased consideration After seeing the ads, consideration within the 18-34 demographic increased to 67%
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