Greggs Soup Re-launch

2015 | Manchester

Greggs is a much-loved and trusted brand with a strong bakery heritage. Over many years Greggs has developed a leading position in the bakery market, however more recently customer preferences have shifted towards ‘food-on-the-go’ and convenience.

A strategic review by Greggs confirmed that the food-on-the-go market is still growing and is attracting expansion by competitors, particularly convenience supermarkets, coffee shops and fast food operators.


L 2 fold Sales Mobile and OOH worked in unison to influence consumers on the noisy high street creating a disruptive experience that delivered customer reappraisal and trial. Sales of hot soup across the period increased two fold.

Whilst Greggs has defended its position as the leading retail bakery business it has previously not fully exploited its position within the food-on-the-go market as new entrants and existing competitors have rapidly expanded shop numbers to meet customer demand.

The Greggs vision is to leverage their bakery heritage to compete successfully in the food-on-the-go market, by offering 'Always Fresh. Always Tasty.’ food and drink, at affordable and competitive prices. Greggs believe a combination of improved recipes, new product initiatives and market leading promotions will help them meet the shifting demands of consumers in this market.

In 2014 as part of a ten point plan to deliver growth, Greggs developed a suite of new reasons for customers to visit, which included the re-launch of their soup product nationally priced from L1.65 with up to three flavours available.


Carat Manchester were tasked to re-launch Greggs soup product nationally across eight weeks, with ambitious targets across the following KPI’s:

• Increase sales of hot soup across the period
• Increase Spontaneous Awareness of Greggs
• Drive re-appraisal of Greggs from ‘food-on-the-go’ consumers
• Encourage trial from non-Greggs customers

By building customer awareness of the re-launched product line Carat would look to establish Greggs as a venue of choice for a variety of hot food products on the go, despite the huge levels of competition on the high street.


As lunchtime decision-making is typically made en route to the high street; our media channels had to be able to disrupt consumers’ habits to encourage customer trial and ultimately, frequent purchase.

Both mobile and Out Of Home (OOH) media indexed highly against our audiences to deliver direct and memorable messaging, offering both proximity and the opportunity to differentiate Greggs from other high spending lunchtime competitors.

The most OOH responsive audiences are young, mobile, affluent and connected. More OOH exposures drive positive investigating and buying actions via mobile (source: Outdoor Media Centre, The Customer Journey).

With the food-on-the-go market spending L40m during September and October 2014, it was imperative that Carat used intelligent media buying to work harder in delivering a nimble strategy with maximum impact, given our limited budget.

The Solution

Working with media partners JCDecaux, Posterscope, and AdMaxim a specific proximity targeted OOH and Mobile campaign was planned to drive customers into Greggs stores, utilising the latest developments in geo, audience demographic and day part targeting, underpinned by integrated creative.

We used proximity analysis to define key battleground areas around Greggs stores and that of the competitive set: Subway, Burger King, McDonalds, KFC and Pret-A-Manger. 

Pinpoint location targeting ensured Mobile impressions and JCDecaux Streettalk sites delivered the ‘freshly prepared soup message’ to consumers in these battleground sites, at the point of decision-making:

• Focused on top revenue ranking Greggs stores, profiling and mapping each OOH site through Route (Outdoor Media Analytics), fusing Route and 3rd party data against Greggs target audiences
• AdMaxim applied profile targeting to the mobile campaign by selecting key audience segments via interest, behaviour and demographic profiling
• Live location data allowed AdMaxim to serve ads to users in proximity to 1,672 Greggs stores
• Applied further impression up-weighting in proximity to 1,200 Street Talk sites in battleground areas
• Mobile ad delivery was day-parted between 11am-2pm to reach consumers whilst considering their options for lunch
• Mobile rich media formats increased the impact of the creative, with a touch sensitive concept, allowing users to clear away hot steam from the soup displayed within the ad to find their nearest Greggs shop.

L 2 fold Sales Mobile and OOH worked in unison to influence consumers on the noisy high street creating a disruptive experience that delivered customer reappraisal and trial. Sales of hot soup across the period increased two fold.
Q 13% Spontaneous Awareness Spontaneous Awareness reached a record high, and registered an increase of over 13% year on year.
E 15 x CTR Our activity achieved a CTR% 15 x higher than the industry standard.
G 78.61 YOY Investors The campaign has driven real commercial value, reflected in Greggs announcement to investors that full-year results smashed expectations following a "very strong performance" and a share price which is up 78.61 YOY.

“Using Carat Manchester’s battleground planning strategy we were able to target our main competitors, drive footfall to our stores and successfully launch our freshly prepared soup range. The campaign achieved real stand out on the high street, engaging with our audience and creating disruption at key decision making moments, we’ve been delighted with the results.”

Graeme Nash Head of Customer and Marketing
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