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What do disruptors have to teach us that we can implement within our companies in order to thrive in the digital economy? The Make Disruption Pay report takes a comprehensive look at the world of disruption, with input from the disruptor perspective, those who have withstood the challenges of disruption and guidance on applied processes from our specialist sister agencies and share an informative and enlightening guide to ‘making disruption pay’.

Make Disruption Pay 2017 trends

The rapid growth of the digital economy is ushering us into a new industrial revolution; and it’s our responsibility to master the realities of a new digital economy led by consumers. New technology and the resultant digital economy are accelerating the pace of change at an unprecedented rate, and disruption throws business conventions into the air, enabling new approaches and opportunities. Get your copy of Make Disruption Pay by emailing 

Embracing disruption in this economy means thinking differently, it also means putting consumers’ needs first. The digital economy is set to dominate the social, economic and business future of the planet as it grows to an estimated $100 trillion in value by 2025.[1]  

This dominance is already transforming business models across several industries from retail and financial services to transportation and logistics and of course media and marketing. We need to embrace the art of disruption to take advantage of the opportunities that the digital economy presents.

“With prominent ‘disruptors’ such as Amazon, Google and Facebook and their dominance throughout most customer journeys, you could be forgiven for thinking that the importance of brands is over as customers can get what they want elsewhere. However, we believe it has never been more important to invest in your brand; to understand what it is that customers want and what they might need from you in the future. Customers are active partners and they are instrumental in what makes your brand story.” – Lucy Barnes, Strategy Director, Dentsu Aegis Network

We don’t see disruption as a destructive force: there’s opportunity for businesses with legacy infrastructure to be equally as disruptive as new businesses. We see disruption as an opportunity to do things differently, to challenge established convention, and to innovate your brand proposition. It is not about adapting to the changes happening around you; it is about being the architects of that change.

Consideration of the New Normal is vital for business strategy: the adoption and acceptance of technology has had incredible effects and transformed our ways of thinking. It has influenced and modified tried and tested marketing practices that are being re-invented to be fit for purpose in the digital economy.

Disruptive technological innovations are emerging at a rapid pace; how your customers adopt them, are influenced by them, and use them, is the key to understanding which will be essential to your business. With this, it’s crucial that boardrooms, and marketing departments alike, ensure they have a strong grasp on the effect that emerging technologies have on their business models.

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[1] World Economic Forum

Make Disruption Pay 2017 trends
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