Make Disruption Pay Returns to Manchester


On Wednesday, 13th June, Dentsu Aegis Network Manchester hosted Make Disruption Pay: Breaking Barriers to Growth at MediaCityUK’s Dock 10. Attended by an audience of more than 200, there were presentations from speakers from across Dentsu Aegis Network and leading industry disrupters, including Spotify, Social Chain and VICE – businesses celebrated for their navigation of the digital economy.

Make Disruption Pay

With attendees including prominent marketers and decision makers from a variety of sectors, the content from the day ensured there was plenty of takeaway ideas for the guests to work into their marketing strategies. Highlighted by VICE’s Mark Adams, the ability to speak to tribes, customers grouped by interests rather than purely demographics, is key to breaking barriers to growth and succeeding ahead of your competitor, or a new disruptor you haven’t yet heard of.   

This is essential, as Dentsu Aegis Network has estimated that by 2025, the digital economy will be valued at $100 trillion globally, with brands from all industries aiming to stake their claim. Whilst the opportunity is enormous and exciting, as Carat’s Chris Davies explains, there are many facets creating challenges for business. In today’s democracy of information, you might not yet know who your next biggest competitor is, or who the 200 smaller competitors are, each taking a slice of your market, but your customers do. 

Against this backdrop a solution was presented; though brands may no longer control the narrative with their audience, they can still grab a piece of the $100 trillion pie. By expanding marketing capability – from data science and data analytics to content and customer experience – embracing these capabilities will ensure businesses stay ahead and deliver relevance to their audience.  

The event was opened by Rachel McDonald, Managing Director of Dentsu Aegis Network North, who set the scene for the day by reflecting upon the huge transition faced by businesses in the digital economy. Summarising the current climate as a storm of change, considering the technological, political and social changes we’re experiencing, Rachel told the audience that the first rule of disruption was to listen, understand and exceed expectations. Whilst it remains that businesses and consumers alike are still navigating the changing economy, it’s those businesses who grasp what the customer wants and deliver it succinctly that will thrive.  

From Breaking Barriers to Growth in a changing landscape, to accurately using data in light of GDPR, speakers explored the themes of customer centricity, creative cut-through, relevant connections and creating a culture of innovation. The audience were reminded of the need to get to know who the tribes they are speaking to; understanding their values, passions and interests is more useful than grouping by demographics when trying to engage consumers 

To close, a panel was asked to discuss the topic of Creating an Addictive Experience, sharing their thoughts on how brands should seize opportunity in a disruptive market. Thoughts from the day included the use of digital platforms to encourage customer loyalty and the panelists shared their predictions for future digital trends. Chaired by Darren Thwaites, editor-in-chief at the Manchester Evening News, the panel included Lucy Barnes, Dentsu Aegis Network; Clyde McKendrick, Canvas8; Dom McGregor, Social Chain, and Alex Hamilton, Isobar.  

If you’d like to know more about how you can Break the Barriers to Growth, get in touch today. 


Make Disruption Pay: Breaking Barriers to Growth from Dentsu Aegis Network North on Vimeo.

Make Disruption Pay
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