Carat gets colourful for Proud Fest


When Pride weekend comes to Manchester, it becomes more than just an opportunity to celebrate diversity in our culture: we get the chance to talk about diversity in the workplace, and raise some money for our chosen charity too.

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On Friday 25th August, we decorated the office and got into the spirit of Pride with our very own Proud Fest, marking the beginning of the Pride weekend here in Manchester which sees thousands of people descend on the city for a weekend of colour, creativity and inclusivity.

Likewise, the Carat Manchester office came together to celebrate the Network’s diversity initiative Proud Fest, uniting the office and raising more than £400 for our chosen charity, Diversity Role Models, who work in schools across the country discussing diversity with students, breaking down barriers and talking about the impacts that homophobic and transphobic attitudes can have on those around us.

The event kicked off with a presentation from Tom Cull, &Proud's Executive Sponsor. Tom gave an insightful talk, shedding light on the reasons why events such as Pride must still be celebrated today, and highlighting the hugely relevant and important role that diversity plays in the success of today's workplaces, and how such events like Proud Fest have an incredibly valuable role to play in helping organisations like ours continue to flourish.

We were also joined by special guests on the day, Diversity Role Models and The Manchester Village Spartans RUFC. Kate Hutchinson, Regional Officer for Diversity Role Models, and some of her volunteers, discussed with us their work in schools and how they share the message of diversity and inclusivity with children in schools. Whilst the Manchester Village Spartans RUFC shared with us news about their club and gave the chance for any would-be rugby players sign up.

In addition to being informative and inclusive, Proud Fest also delivered a morning of festivity and entertainment! With plenty of treats in supply we were prepared for a morning of creative activities, games and some awesome &Proud freebies, the perfect way to show our support for &Proud. There was even a chance to glam up with Blow Ltd, who joined us to help with fundraising, before heading to the &Proud photo booth. 

​Of course, the Proud Fest Raffle proved to be a big draw (ahem) for the crowds eager to see if they held the lucky number to one of the prizes supplied by our incredibly generous sponsors. From shopping vouchers, gig tickets and places in the Pride parade to champagne, prosecco and beauty goods, most of the team decided to take a punt and snapped up tickets!  

Proud Fest proved to be an incredibly successful day of fundraising to boot. With £354 pounds raised by the Proud Fest Raffle and a further £66 raised from donations to Blow Ltd, we’re really pleased to have been part of the team able to donate £420 to Diversity Role Models. This donation will help Diversity Role Models to fund a full day of training, enabling them continue the amazing work they do in schools.

csr events
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