Carat Connect: Bringing the cosmos to Manchester


For April’s Carat Connect we were promised a Festival of Summer fun hosted by Hearst – Cosmopolitan and of course it didn’t disappoint.

Carat Connect Hearst

Arriving in TAKK our mellow, relaxed café I didn’t expect to be greeted with what I can only describe as the Carrie Bradshaw treatment– Cosmo on my left, glitter make over on my right and a complete update on the way Cosmopolitan are leaping into 2017 with their social media platforms smack bang in the middle. Is Manchester the new Manhattan? Debatable…

After I was all glittered up, had a quick snap in the photo booth and was sat comfortably with Cosmo in hand, our lovely friends at Cosmopolitan gave us a real insight into what they’ve been up to recently. They expressed how they’re not only a tongue in cheek, girly, fashion brand but they’re also looking to inspire women in business (they’ve just launched their first ‘Self-made Summit’) and working to put words into actions by creating their project: ‘Home Made’ that’s now housed women living in London and looking to house more women in the future.

It’s unsurprising that the talk was pretty engaging and empowering.

The Re-brand
Cosmo admitted to us that their magazine was known for articles such as: ’20 best sex positions’ and ‘how to dump your dead weight boyfriend’ and this isn’t what they want their brand to be known for. Yes, they are a fashion, beauty and lifestyle magazine but they also really care about their readers and want to inspire, encourage and support them. Writing articles on women in business and how to survive in the big cities - alone this wasn’t going to change their brand image around so they started putting their words into actions.

Self-made Summit
This year Cosmopolitan organised an event for ambitious, entrepreneurial-minded young women with the aim of inspiring and educating them in all things business. From expanding business ideas and organising your finances to networking and branding the Self-made Summit equipped the woman at the event with new ideas, skills and insight. The Cosmo team explained that this is just the beginning for them and then plan to organise many more events like this in the future.

Project: Homemade
Cosmopolitan were realising that some of their readers who had moved to London to start creative new careers were struggling to afford to live in London. From this they were living in homes unfit to be living in or paying for their rent in unthinkable ways. So... Cosmo got to work. They set up the project: ‘Homemade’ and tasked themselves with housing women in London who were struggling with these issues. They’ve now officially housed 10 readers and are looking to continue housing women who need the help in the future. Read more about this incredible achievement in this article.

As well as their small steps in to inspiring the business women of the world and getting them a safe home to live in, Cosmo are taking giant leaps in to the digital world.
Cosmo are the only magazine with their own platform on Snapchat. This allows them to target their millennial audience on a platform that let’s face it is very very addictive. With their fabulous content ranging from unicorn games to top 10 things to do to make your day more productive – they’re really catching their readers attention on this platform.

So now all we at Carat want to say is a huge THANK YOU to the lovely Hearst and the Cosmo team for treating us like Carrie Bradshaw for the afternoon (the dream! - although we were missing the Manolo Blahniks..) and for showing us the incredible new and original things that your brand has to offer!

Cheers Cosmo! Until next time.. x



Carat Connect Hearst
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