Carat Connect: An insight into Vlogging


Last month, Carat Connect welcomed Google and Style Haul to Carat Manchester, who brought with them two of their rising stars of the vlogging community to talk about brands, content and vlogging.

George Higgins George Higgins Media Assistant Manchester

This was a big year for YouTube – the platform celebrated its tenth birthday recently and it shows no signs of slowing down having recorded 40% growth this year alone.

We had the pleasure of meeting Becky Sheeran (not related to Ed), or Becky Talk as she’s more famously known on her YouTube channel. Becky vloggs all things fashion, make up and beauty for the everyday girl, and has an overwhelming obsession with tea! We also met Doug Armstrong, whose content includes making food and developing his own recipes, health and fitness, travelling, and music.

A big question for both vloggers was ‘why do this?’ What inspired them to get into the field? At first they both made reference to their sheer boredom with day-to-day life, and a 9-5 job not cutting it for them. However, it quickly became apparent that passion was the driving force. Talking about topics they are passionate about enables them to deliver much more exciting and real content to their audience, whilst enjoying themselves at the same time.

There are plenty of vloggers and bloggers out there, so a real challenge is keeping their channel fresh and appealing. They talked a lot around how they have continued to do this and keep viewers engaged. The number one rule was clear: content is key. They avoid repeating certain topics too frequently so as to avoid boring the audience. Refreshingly, both vloggers don’t want it to be all about their channel, working and collaborating with other vloggers and friends can generate new ideas and keep videos relatable to the audience.

It’s becoming more and more apparent to brands that vloggers have a significant influence over the audience and their purchasing decisions. Becky and Doug agreed they try to provide a greater level of authenticity to any products they promote. Which begs the question - ‘what does the future hold for them and YouTube?’ Both of the guys reinforced that it was change – “don’t be afraid to adapt your content with how the world around us changes, or you could simply become stagnant in topics that do not relate to current interests.”

Neither Becky nor Doug have plans to be stop anytime soon, and why would they? With the growing interest in YouTube videos and vloggers their success and content can only grow as brands continue to realise their true potential.

George Higgins George Higgins Media Assistant Manchester
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