A sector snapshot of leisure


Is there such a thing as healthy hedonism? How are cultural experiences being made more accessible? What’s got grown-ups hanging out in ball pits and playgrounds? And why are leisure pursuits increasingly spawning social communities?

Leisure 2017 trends

In the September 2017 Sector Snapshot of Leisure, Canvas8 look at the healthier ways people are indulging their hedonist side, explore how cultural experiences are being made more accessible, uncover what’s got grown-ups hanging out in ball pits and playgrounds, and explain why leisure pursuits are increasingly sparking social communities.

Alternative Kicks
Gen Y aren’t the party animals their parents used to be. But while 59% won’t over-indulge in booze for fear of losing control, they aren’t shying away from hedonism altogether. They’re instead finding their highs in snortable cocoa powder, high-caffeine tea, and yoga festivals.

Local Access
Being ‘cultured’ used to mean being well-educated and wealthy, but in a post-internet landscape, barriers have been broken down. From the Yorkshire-based Hepworth Wakefield gallery to Reading’s Broad Street Mall ‘urban market’, Britons no longer have to go to London to enjoy culture.

Playful Pastimes
With long work days, bills to pay, and heavy debt, being an adult can often be overwhelming – and not much fun. As present economic conditions cause young people to experience 'delayed adulthood', many are feeling nostalgic for the freedom and playfulness of their younger years.

Community Culture
Geography, age and gender are decreasingly relevant when it comes to understanding – and targeting – people as groups. Aided by digital platforms, hobbyists and enthusiasts are coming together in online communities both large and small, locally and internationally.

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This article first appeared on Carat Leeds

Leisure 2017 trends
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