Stepchange Ireland Launch

Following their UK re-brand in 2013 Stepchange Debt Charity are launching in Ireland with a multi-layered media campaign including press, radio and online.



In partnership with the major financial services organisations, the charity are keen to engage with those in debt in the country and have done a series of advertorials in the main Daily, Weekly and Sunday newspapers to introduce the work of the charity. From January 2016 the charity will also be on national and local radio stations hoping to demonstrate how their free advice can have a positive effect on the country’s debt problems.

Over the last two decades, Stepchange has grown massively in the UK. From the introduction of debt management plans, to the pioneering use of cognitive behavioural therapy to help with debt-related stress, they have shown the quality of client care that sets the standard.

Their aim is to be recognised as the Uk's most trusted provider of free debt advice and solutions and this is set to continue in Ireland, with a long term aim to be the best in debt advice and debt management.

Problem debt causes untold distress to individuals, but the damage goes much further – ruining homes, wrecking families and affecting whole communities. Stepchange solutions have helped transform the lives of millions. And they are now committed to helping thousands more.

The activity will run throughout 2016.

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