The mentality of focusing on what’s important


On 9 October, Carat sponsored the inaugural Women’s Networking event at Leeds Business Week. The event brought together over 200 women from across the Yorkshire region, enabling women to make connections and build new relationships away from their daily routine.

Getting involved didn’t take much persuasion with gender equality being the hot topic that it currently is. After all, gender equality is something that Carat and the wider Dentsu Aegis Network are extremely passionate about. We believe everyone should have the same opportunity regardless of gender, age or race.

Andrea Bagan, Director at Carat Leeds says: “It’s so encouraging to work in a business that takes gender equality so seriously and offers numerous amounts of support. But for me, there are two sides to this issue. Yes, businesses have a big role to play, but it is equally important that women within our business (and any business for that matter) don’t let gender bias become a barrier to their future career progression.

“For me personally, I think there are three key elements that have prevented this from happening. The first is having a clear career goal, the second is equipping myself with the capabilities needed to do that role, and the third is having the right attitude.”

Andrea has been in the business now for 13 years. Having started as graduate fresh out of university she had a clear vision of what she wanted to achieve and still continues to do so. Like many, she has climbed the ranks step by step, working her way up to become Director. It’s apparent that her attitude, determination and focus are part of the reasons she has got to the place she is today.

Andrea adds: “I count myself lucky that I’ve never felt in a position where gender bias has affected my career progression, however on the flip side, I’ve never let it! Having confidence in my capabilities allowed me to have a determined attitude to succeed.”

We all know it’s easy to become conscious of gender bias, it has the potential to hold you back and prevent you from doing something e.g. Putting yourself forward for a task or indeed a promotion! But Andrea brings it back to remembering what you want, and focusing on what you need to do to get there! She says: “Don’t become intimidated or put off by unnecessary factors. These will soon disappear when others see your true potential.”

As with anything in life, Andrea maintains the mentality of focusing on what’s important. What does this mean for her in her role at work? Her team, their skills and their talent. Not their gender, age or race.

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