The future of advertising with enhanced programmatic targeting


At Carat we work closely with Amnet, a team of highly talented data specialists, powering Dentsu Aegis Network through the delivery of real-time programmatic media buying. With all of the latest advancements in technology, we know that programmatic is the future of advertising across a whole host of channels and Amnet is committed to remaining at the forefront of this exciting industry.

Amnet Programmatic Affinity Audiences

For those not yet familiar, trading advertising programmatically utilises computer technology to bid in an auction environment for individual advertising inventory based on a user’s demographic, interests and online behaviours. Should we win the auction, our client’s advert will then appear in that position and all of this happens within the time it takes to load the webpage. This shift in the way that online advertising is bought reduces wasted ad spend and ensures a campaign reaches its desired target audience. It is now estimated by the IAB that over 60% of all online ad spend is now bought programmatically, having increased from 47% in 2014.

As part of our continuous commitment to drive innovation and make improvements within our programmatic team, with our clients at the heart of our developmental processes, we have recently introduced several Amnet updates. One of the most exciting and recent changes is the inclusion of custom affinity audiences.

Custom affinity audiences grants us the ability take URL’s of competitors, similar brands or from sites on which the desired audience regularly visits to build a custom audience segment. This enables us to reach site users and similar users which have demonstrated the same interests to those visiting these sites. This means with custom affinity audiences we can be incredibly accurate and selective when targeting a specific audience segment whilst maintaining scale.

Affinity audiences have always been present with the Amnet trading desk, but these are typically to gain reach to a broadly relevant audience, examples include outdoor enthusiasts, luxury fashion shoppers, avid investors, pet lovers etc. This targeting channel provides great scale and reach during a campaign, however they often incorporates wider interests outside of the (often niche) target audience.


A regional camping company has four stores within the North of England. It understands that its audience enjoys outdoor activities. This company would have previously implemented the ‘outdoor enthusiasts’ affinity audience to reach these users. The issue with this is that it would not have distinguished the difference between camping fans, horse riders, cyclist, hikers etc. or anyone else fitting within this affinity audience.

With custom affinity audiences, it allows us to target users with an interest specifically in camping, those who have been on the camping club website or certain campsite forums and most importantly, users which have visited competitor retailer sites.

In essence, custom affinity audiences allow us to create bespoke audience segments in order to precisely target users based on their passions, wants and needs. Ultimately enabling us to create highly targeted campaigns tailored to each individual.

Amnet Programmatic Affinity Audiences
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