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Who would have thought that the words ‘versatile’ and ‘desire’ would be words used in association with traditional Outdoor media? Things have changed – big time.

Outdoor OOH

The Outdoor space is one of the fastest growing and most popular media channels, having arguably faced more technological advancements in the past 18 months than experienced in the previous 10 years.

With Outdoor specialists continually looking at larger, more intelligent and robust data resources, clients are able to take advantage of a market place that is inundated with highly targeted and relevant opportunities.

Clear Channel UK’s premium digital brand, Storm, recently unveiled ground-breaking research into defining Brand Fame and how this impacts the digital Outdoor space. The research examined what Brand Fame means to both marketing experts and consumers via a series of tests, helping to provide detailed insight into consumers’ conscious and unconscious beliefs about Brand Fame – and to establish if Premium DOOH, delivers it.

The result of the research delivers great news for brands, having seen consumers rate Premium DOOH as the second most appropriate media for premium brands behind TV, with Digital 48-sheets ranking third. In brief, the research explores how in-depth targeting capabilities along with premium DOOH formats work hand in hand towards the self-fulfilling prophecy of associated Brand Fame.

The View From The Shard recently ran their Summer campaign, which was planned to drive awareness of the brand and in turn promote ticket sales. Naturally the medium of Outdoor played a key role, with strategy focusing on two elements: increasing international visitors and driving awareness and consideration.

Increasing international visitors presented the team with an opportunity to use CACI and Telephonica data layered together. This meant that we were able to intelligently plan Outdoor media around locations famed as tourist hotspots and high spend retail zones, whilst also ensuring that we targeted international visitors at the right time and with the right messaging (based on seasonal trends).

The second strand of the strategy involved increasing brand awareness and driving response. Similarly planning involved the use of CACI and Telephonica data, however an interesting addition to the environments used was the use of Taxis. Using GPS and a database of London geo zones, we were able to trigger ads when taxis were in the proximity of The Shard, delivering broadcast coverage across central London.

Outdoor is now a key player in the Digital space, providing coverage to hard to reach audiences in a society where consumers now spend 25% more time out of their homes than 10 years ago. With the targeting capabilities of many Digital Display networks, Outdoor media is proving that it can hold its place in the era of Digital, revolutionising how people can be reached and communicated with.

Outdoor OOH
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