Orangutans Day For Chester Zoo


Carat supports “Go Orange for Orangutans day” for Chester Zoo


Last month we supported our client Chester Zoo and took part in ‘Go Orange for Orangutans’, in order to raise money for their Act for Wildlife campaign. Orangutans rely heavily on the rainforest, along with thousands of other species. As an endangered species it was important that we contributed towards the rebuild of the forest, to help replace what has already been destroyed! Our finest orange attire was worn around the office and a selection of orange food was brought in to snack on throughout the day. Face paints and Orangutan pumpkins even made an appearance to add to the fun! As we met our targets, neon face paints were at the ready to turn the face's of those nominated into a lovely shade of orange. The day was a great success and we even managed to raise an amazing £100, which is enough to plant 10 trees in Borneo and will help rebuild this habitat for the Orangutans. For more information on Chester Zoo and the Act for Wildlife campaign, or to get involved, please follow the link below: http://www.chesterzoo.org/support-us/go-orange-for-orangutans - See more at: http://leeds.carat.co.uk/news/carat-supports-go-orange-for-orangutans-day-for-chester-zoo/#sthash.XG8HQFJ8.dpuf

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