Gym-going Britons boost workouts with tech devices


According to a research by UK gym chain Virgin Active, more than half of gym goers use technology to track health indicators during workouts. At a time when people are striving to be at their peak physical health, they're increasingly looking to tech to manage fitness aspects to a granular level.


The research, carried out among Virgin Active members, surveyed 2,000 gym-going adults in the UK. The results showed 54% of gym goers are using tech of some sort to improve their fitness regime and 40% use it to actively track performance indicators, such as calories burned or distance travelled. The most popular way of using tech to track fitness seems to be measuring heart rate, popular among 23% of people surveyed.

Health tracking tech has been an upward trend in the fitness industry, with four million smartwatches and fitness bands sold in the UK in 2017 alone, while global sales of wearable devices are expected to be worth $34 billion by 2020. The 19% of people in the UK who digitally track their health do so to "maintain or improve [their] physical condition or fitness.” They also believe trackers give physical indicators that help motivate them to exercise. Gen Y is particularly keen to monitor their own health, so brands that can offer both greater personalisation and help boost motivation – much like Equinox Gyms do – are likely to prove popular.


This article was first published by our research partners, Canvas8.

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