Carat proves diversity is more than just a dance troupe


This week sees Leeds Business Week return to the city for 2017, and what better way to start it than with the Women’s Networking Afternoon. Sponsored by Carat, the event will focus on how working in partnership with others makes us all stronger together!

Leeds Business Week Diversity and Inclusion Women and Leadership

Global reach, local approach

Despite being a global business, Carat is very aware of the need to take a local approach when working with its clients. Our Director, Andrea Bagan explains:

“Being part of a global communication network has many advantages, but regionally it can create barriers where local businesses don’t necessarily understand how we can support them with their own communication challenges on a local, regional and national level.

“As media is often a company’s second largest expense after wages, we want to develop deeper relationships with board level directors so that we can demonstrate the value that a truly effective marketing strategy can deliver for a business.”

Calling upon a professional network

Leeds Business Week has grown year on year and as it evolves it offers an increasing number of opportunities for businesses and professionals to engage. Andrea explains why Carat wanted to become more involved with the Yorkshire Mafia and in particular Leeds Business Week.

“This is our first experience of being involved with Leeds Business Week as a sponsor, however a number of our employees have previously attended Leeds Business Week and they have always had positive feedback both in terms of the speakers and delegate attendance.

“We are keen to support local business initiatives within the region and what better way to get involved, than sponsor an event during Leeds Business Week that looks to bring together 200+ women in business.

“When we reviewed the event list, the women’s networking event felt like such a good fit because gender equality is such a hot topic within our business, as we are extremely passionate about correcting the gender imbalance within both our industry and the wider business community.”

A commitment to diversity

Rather than just talk about gender equality, Carat has taken somewhat of an unprecedented approach to putting in place its own targets to address the balance. We have made a commitment to achieve a 50/50 gender balance in our leadership positions by 2020.

These claims may seem far-fetched to some, but here at Carat Leeds we have already met our target as two thirds of our leadership team is made up of women, an admission which shows we are ‘bucking the trend in the industry’.

Creating a stronger network for women

The Women’s Network event, is sponsored by Carat, KC Communications and 8 Outdoor, and takes place today on Monday 9 October at Tattu in Leeds.

A look ahead

Showing further support for the Yorkshire Mafia, Carat will sponsor the next Yorkshire Mafia Women’s networking event, which takes place on 24 November.


This article was first published on Leeds Business Week’s website.

Leeds Business Week Diversity and Inclusion Women and Leadership
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