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Britain may remain a united kingdom, but the nation's holidaymakers would rather go abroad than support the UK's economy when choosing a vacation destination. In a society of experience hunters, the thrill of the unfamiliar is trumping the comfort of the domestic.

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Research conducted by YouGov Omnibus asked over 8,000 Britons which cities they've visited within the UK and abroad. While London took the top spot – 86% of respondents had been to the capital – the study found that people are more likely to have visited foreign cities than those in their own country. Paris was a more popular spot than Edinburgh, with 57% visiting the French capital, compared to 55% for the Scottish one. Similarly, 42% of Britons said they'd been to Amsterdam, while only 41% had visited Nottingham.

What’s prompting people in the UK to head abroad rather than visit their own major cities? For Gen Yers, experience hunting is a priority – 78% of them value experiences over things. But this quest for new and unfamiliar moments is pushing them further afield, with holidays seen as a way to immerse oneself in a different culture and have experiences that dramatically contrast daily life. With Gen Y's concept of an ideal holiday hinged on foreign experiences, local cities may have to play up their exoticism and difference rather than banking on national pride.

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