10 TRENDS FOR 2019


We are in a world of overwhelming change, where we see content everywhere and can shop anywhere. Change is being driven by the speed of connection to our devices, the speed of processing of data, and the convergence between different activities like entertainment, information, communication and play. We produce trends reports regularly to ensure that our clients know about the latest developments and their implications. Here are ten trends for 2019, with their implications for brands.

Trends 2019

From Contextual Commerce to Life as a Service, 10 trends for 2019 predicts the trends we expect to see this year, as well as the implications they will have on brands.

Themes include the evolution of ecommerce, how the increasing speed of connection and processing is making experiences richer, and how more of us are trying to 'detox' from our devices. Read the report here.


Trends 2019
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