Nivea Men es Real

Exploit Real Madrid sponsorship to connect with users and generate close relevance for Nivea Men

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Sometimes people sweat more out the court than on the court. For Nivea, this was the main challenge of 2017, the sponsorship of Real Madrid helped the brand to generate attention and users to relate playing soccer in an exemplary way with the use of the product in an aspirational way, so our challenge was to build real closeness with the sponsorship with a minimum budget.

"The effort of a fan is as real as players' efforts" The difference is that the players are few and they are in the spotlight while the fans are so many that their individual effort loses relevance and is diluted in the group spirit.

  • Nivea decided to recognize user’s effort and became the vehicle that gives validity to the sweat outside the court, turning the connection, between fans and team, more real.
  • We take as our main resource social networks that have such a relevant roll connecting people. We know that when people want to connect with their idols, they use this channel, in Mexico this effect is emphasized (Mexican national team has more followers in social networks than any team in the world). The funny thing is that despite a user rarely receives a response for his support, the support continues, the reason is simple, the fan uses "digital cheering” trying to influence on team’s mood.
  • Considering consumer insights and the dynamic among fans and their team we built a two pillars strategy:  
    • Exalt the effort of the fans in a personalized way, giving several users a voice of high resonance
    • Amplify the impact of this encouragement by showing extraordinary results after participant's cheering


Solution & Innovation

  • Through #NiveaMenIsReal campaign, temporary milestones in large format were structured to show both the digital support of the fans and the results of their passion.
  • The moment was essential for the relevance of the execution since we wanted to be as  impactful ass possible we selected the most iconic day for our target in 2017, the final of the Champion League that besides being the moment with the greatest audience, was the moment where Real Madrid could get their tenth second cup against Juventus
  • Using Trax the heat points where people was talking about Real Madrid were located, then,  a selection of 30 digital billboards was made in the most iconic spots in the main cities in Mexico: Monterrey, Guadalajara, Puebla and CDMX.
  • Analyzing the digital conversation of previous years we realized that the messages of support are intensified from two to three days before the game, so we encourage users to share their messages of support using the #NiveaMENesReal.
  • The day before the game, the messages of support to the team were shared in the 30 billboards, recognizing the users who made supporting posts. Later on the day of the match, the screens became a giant marker that made the whole city sweat, projecting in Real time the score that would define the result of team and fans effort.
  • At the end of the campaign, Real Madrid won its 12th cup showing that through the support of our consumers #NiveaMENesReal.



  • The brand achieved good relevance among Real Madrid's fans and took the sponsorship to the next level.
  • Brand's share of market increased by  8.5%
  • The brand was present in a relevant cultural event with an investment of less than 1% of their annual budget
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