The Ultimate Backpack:Chevrolet

For years Chevrolet cars were the ones that accompanied Mexicans in their life and new adventures, but in recent years and with the entrance of new competitors that emphasize their new tech & designs, the brand was perceived as old fashioned and far of the technological forefront. Nothing further from reality.

Chevrolet injected fresh DNA, aligned with their models' next generation, which start to distinguish for their technological development and eye-catching design.


At automotive category where brand messages are all around technology and new gadgets related to latest car models. Chevrolet need to increase both positive brand opinion and perception of technology linked strongly to the brand.

Insight and strategy

We create a sense of novelty in order to draw consumers through product experience and ignite talkability as the newest car models worth getting excited about. Taking their car attributes to an adventure accessory.

  • That is how the Chevrolet Backpack was born. A backpack with the same technology of Chevrolet vehicles: OnStar 4G LTE, reverse camera, battery, range of illumination that oers better visibility of the terrain and high strength materials.
  • Under the philosophy of accompanying people in their constant search, we detected a great opportunity in the mass of people that go out to discover experiences outside the city, being at environments where communication is difficult and visibility complicated; for those adventurers an ally that can transform those moments into something more practical and meaningful is a must.
  • Adventures in overlanding, the perfect territory to ignite the voice through adventure specialists and inuencers who would use the backpacks in signicant experiences, being able to arouse curiosity around the new faces Chevrolet oers with its wide, redened and highly technological portfolio; with the objective of bringing more people to explore their models at the brand's website.
  • Such an ambitious campaign required a striking enough closure, to make clear what Chevrolet has done in each of its vehicles in order to guide people in what they seek. We activated digital and o-line media that allow us to democratize these universal searches to create a strong link between Chevrolet's positioning and Mexicans.

Results & Business Effect

Increasing positive opinion

    • We generated a 3.7 engagement rate on YouTube, +235% than a regular branding eort, Twitter gained 2.6% and Facebook 1.9%
    • The Ultimate Backpack rating broadcasted to our CRM base reached 6.7K visits with an average time spent of 00:02:09 min.
    • Average video watch time on Facebook of 60%.
    • We achieved 247.9K site visits and 74.8K actions within the page

Create a strong linkage between Chevrolet and technology features

    • We had the most views on Instagram stories with 83K with a 20% dropout rate
    • We generate conversation praising the brand's innovation and solutions in people's lives

Chevrolet is changing, its vehicles are renewed and the way we bring vehicles closer to users is also going a step ahead of rest of the players.

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