Manchester United Shirt Reveal


Chevrolet became the principal sponsor of the Manchester United Kit in 2014. They needed an authentic way to be part of the conversation around the debut of their branding on team’s shirt.  An app was created that allowed consumers to “wear” and share the new Manchester United shirt.

w 2.7 million Photo app fan sessions


Although Chevrolet is a large, relevant American brand, it suffers from low awareness and positive opinion in many parts of the globe.  Enter the Power of Play and Manchester United.  For Chevrolet, the Power of Play is a unique human-centric approach that celebrates global football culture and helps Chevrolet make a meaningful emotional connection with millions of football fans.


It's universally true that football is the most watched, played, organised and LOVED sport in the world.

Its fans are some of the most passionate in the world..  What’s more, they are feeling more and more disconnected from their “beautiful game.” Therefore, it is not as simple as a placing logo on the shirt.  Brands must make a meaningful and authentic connection to play in the football space.  For Chevrolet, it was essential to demonstrate and act as a fan itself, right alongside the countless passionate followers of the sport. Chevrolet needed to show this global audience that through play all things are possible. 

In order to make that connection, Chevrolet relied on a simple notion: Before we walk or talk, we play. When we play we learn, friendships are born, discoveries are made, ideas are explored.   Anything is possible.  So we developed a media strategy that is grounded in playful interaction with content to suit.


Phase 1: the day of shirt reveal. We launched a photo app that allowed consumers to “wear” the new Manchester United shirt through a simple photo upload and encouraged social profile distribution. 

Phase 2: August. We followed this with a video app, to coincide with the opening of the UK soccer transfer window, players are traded and acquired. It gave fans a “new player” experience: they were encouraged to upload a photo, which was then inserted into a video where they were welcomed by fans, interviewed in a press conference, hazed in the locker room and ran out with the other players onto the historic Old Trafford pitch.  It really was a one-of-a-kind app.

The app was distributed across Chevrolet and Manchester United owned social and website properties, a highly targeted global media distribution in paid social and search in 11 countries and through an innovative influencer program called Thunderclap.

w 2.7 million Photo app fan sessions
$ 35% conversion rate
w 34.5 million engagements
w 3.2 billion global earned impressions
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