Holden: Astra vs. Drones

2015 | Carat Melbourne

A truly digitally-led campaign, Astra Vs. Drones pitted the all new Holden Astra against a swarm of drones on a living and evolving racetrack; a media-first for Holden, and a progressive new direction for the brand.

v 1.6 MILLION Teaser Video Views

The Brief:

The launch of the 2015 Holden Astra heralded a new direction for the Holden brand – one built on the tenets of style, technology and performance; a pronounced break from their traditional brand positioning.

The challenge was significant – we needed to evolve what the Holden badge stood for in the eyes of non-traditional Holden buyers, proving that among the highly competitive small-car segment, the new Holden Astra was worth a second look.

To do the Astra justice, we needed an idea as exciting and innovative as the car itself.


The Strategy

Progressive modern Australian males 25-49 were identified as the core target for media.

This trend-hunting audience needs new sensations to survive; they crave excitement, collect experiences, and applaud innovation.

Unfortunately, 79% of them also deemed Holden ‘not a brand for them’ prior to the campaign – they simply did not see the Holden brand as being able to deliver on their needs. 

We knew that the tried and tested approach of simply surrounding the brands and content they already engaged with – the media equivalent of ‘mixing with the in-crowd’ – was only the first step in driving re-appraisal of our brand. 

Our strategy was to take it a step further and do something something totally unexpected for Holden - become a content creator.

The Execution: 

When identifying the right partner for launch, we knew they needed to meet two key criteria: 
1. Be expert content creators with a proven track record. 
2. Have a highly authentic image to our target audience.

We sought out VICE as our key publisher partner, given both their resonance with the target audience and highly progressive brand image. 

We worked with them to develop a truly unique content concept dubbed ‘Astra vs. Drones’, in which the Astra would be put through its paces on a racetrack against a controlled set of drones, emphasising its advanced technology and improved performance and handling. 

The client was so captivated by this digital content piece that it went on to be used as the above-the-line TVC, amplified across the VICE network, as well as social, video, and TV platforms.

The Results: 

The 'Astra vs. Drones' content forced viewers to re-evaluate everything they knew about both Holden and the Astra itself.

The metrics for success of the content piece were based on content views, and results far exceeded expectations. 

1.6 million people viewed the short-form teaser TVC, driving more than 500,000 people to view the long-form video, with a mind-blowing average completion rate of over 60%.

Beyond content, the campaign exceeded all key performance metrics on Holden.com, with engagements on site over-delivering against targets by a staggering 410% - a truly exceptional result for a campaign deemed 'well outside our usual comfort zone’ by the client.

v 1.6 MILLION Teaser Video Views
v 500,000 Long Form Video Views
O 60% Average Completion Rate
l +410% Over-Delivery In On Site Engagments
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