Grab A Seat! It's Pimm's O'Clock!


Pimm’s is a quintessentially British tipple that is synonymous with the great British Summer fun. However it faces competition from rising craft beer, fruit flavoured cider and sparkling wine that are all targeting the same warm weather occasions. With greater competition we needed to find innovative ways to ensure Pimm’s O‘Clock was top of mind for consumers especially in the on trade. Historically, Pimm’s had used OOH media to be front of mind nears bars and pubs. However we wanted to create an OOH media campaign that could add value to consumers.




Imagine walking out of a busy station looking for the ideal place to go for a drink. To help guide consumers and prime them for drinking Pimm’s, we created a new data stream from sensors installed in bars and pubs which understood - in real time - how many seats were available in a nearby pub garden or inside. This sensor fed data into a digital outdoor campaign which served dynamic, localised creative that helped our thirsty consumers find a seat in the sun, or inside if it was cloudy to enjoy a Pimm’s and Lemonade.


We needed to find a low cost way to measure how busy pubs were in real time so we looked to the start-up community to find a technology solution. Lighthouse Labs had explored the iBeacon space and were chosen as part of Dentsu Aegis’s 2014 Spark program, which looks to solve our clients’ business challenges by matching them with relevant start-ups. They installed eight Taylor Walker pubs in Victoria and The Metro in Clapham. We also installed signs inside the pubs that explained to the public we were using this data to inform advertising. These sensors picked up on signals being sent by drinkers’ smartphones to understand how full the pub garden and bar itself was in real time. Lighthouse then anonymised this data to turn it into an ‘index of busyness’. This index was combined with a real-time feed of local weather conditions, using Liveposter’s dynamic content management system, to deliver tailored copy to Clear Channel digital six sheets in close proximity to the on-trade locations. The localised creative featured the name of the nearby Taylor Walker or The Metro pub, and featured a half-full or nearly-full Pimm’s Jug that demonstrated how close the pub was to capacity. If the weather was sunny and over 16 degrees, we told people where there were seats in the sun, and if the pub was filling up fast, or if there was plenty of space.

On cloudy or rainy days when it was over 16 degrees we directed people to the pub near them where there were seats inside. The Lighthouse Labs sensors measured occupancy every five minutes so that pubs were removed when they were full so people were only directed to pubs still filling up. The first burst of digital six sheets went live for the second May Bank Holiday weekend, running Thursday to Monday. The digital six sheets then ran Thursday to Sunday until the 12th of July 2015. The digital OOH was supported by dynamic mobile paid search activity on Google, which replicated the OOH idea using the sensor data to inform localised search copy.

We’re really excited about this trial which marks both a unique partnership with some of our customers and innovative use of footfall and thermal sensors in an out-of-home campaign. We’ve chosen transport networks to try to win that vital first drink of the night. When the sun is shining, we know our consumers enjoy a Pimm’s and find somewhere with the space to do – and we’re using technology to help them do just that.

Jonathan Ansell New Technology & Media Innovation Manager, Diageo
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Cristal Award

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