adidas ZX Flux - From 80's icon to the hottest footwear trend


An evolution of 80’s sneaker sensation, ZX 8000, the ZX Flux is a shoe steeped in adidas footwear heritage. Thirty years on, it was imperative to showcase the revitalised sneaker, but remain true to the authentic roots of the ZX series.

Igniting desire for a new product amongst an audience that is notoriously resistant to traditional advertising was never going to be a walk in the park. But that was exactly the task we faced to launch the newest iteration of the sneaker.

$ 600% Return on marketing investment


Our task was to launch adidas originals’ new hero product of 2014, the ZX Flux sneaker by creating advocacy through a specifically defined target audience that is resistant to traditional advertising with a budget of under US$40,000. The ultimate goal was to have 80% sell through of 2,500 units in 12 weeks. 

With a limited budget and no local creative agency, the media-led campaign needed to build excitement and conversation amongst adidas; digitally-savvy, image conscious youth consumer.

Pre-launch demand was high, but knowing traditional advertising would not excite or cut through to a consumer that demands authenticity from brands, behaving differently was paramount.


Driven by our understanding of the target's media behaviours and need for social currency amongst their mates, our approach was to create a unique and sharable experience, all based on the tenets of desire, participation and reward. So, what better way to bring this to life than via a city-wide sneaker hunt with a social twist?

With the limitations associated with a smaller budget, an idea that leveraged adidas; existing communities as well as consumers; own social networks was critical to the visibility and success of the campaign. We created a socially-led scavenger hunt; to track down several free pairs of ZX Flux using clues seeded out to adidas; local Instagram fans, twitter followers, and broadened to social influencers via promoted tweets.

Leveraging the cultural credibility ascribed to street posters, the sneakers were hidden behind ten posters in Sydney and Melbourne, which fans were then asked to locate and tear down for a chance to win. An interactive mobile execution was also created to connect consumers to adidas; social channels, e-commerce site and nearby bricks-and-mortar retailers.

To maximise relevance, the mobile campaign was proximity targeted to street poster locations, bar, cafes and a number of other relevant locales.

$ 600% Return on marketing investment
$ 100% Sell-through in two weeks ZX Flux sold out in stores nationally in just over 2 weeks, far-exceeding the client’s target of 80% sell-through in 12 weeks.
) 5000 Our first tweet received nearly 5000 clicks and 62 retweets within the first few hours! 5x the average social engagement recorded on any previous adidas post.
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