Dentsu Aegis Network today launches an editorial white paper with the Economist Corporate Network on how technology is driving consumer engagement in the world's most exciting markets.

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The white paper looks at how new technologies are transforming the marketing profession at an unprecedented rate in Asia. In particular, the paper examines how the rise of mobile, the rise of social and the rise of e-commerce are converging to create powerful new platforms for engaging the region's consumers.

Mobile penetration rates are rising rapidly in the region which is driving widespread internet connectivity and transforming consumer behaviour. Participation in social networks is deepening and spreading, and thereby re-wiring Asia's digital landscape. And e-commerce is ballooning, with China now the world's largest e-commerce market. As these trends converge and combine, the nature of retail, distribution, marketing and consumer engagement is changing.

Arvind Sethumadhavan, chief innovation officer at Dentsu Aegis Network Asia Pacific, says: "We are living in a convergent world fuelled by ecosystems and devices. This means people are connected in ways we could never imagine before.

"Asian markets are leading the adoption of mobile internet platforms and consequently we are witnessing a mobile-first approach in people's behaviour and the solutions being developed. The acceleration of this convergent world in Asia creates great potential for businesses to seamlessly drive customers from the point of engagement to the point of transaction for sales. Companies need to view Asia as pilot markets to future proof their business models and a hotbed for innovation prototyping."

Justin Wood, chief economist at the Economist Corporate Network, says: "Asia will play an ever more important role in shaping how global companies use digital platforms to engage consumers. In part this is thanks to the region's scale: it has 57% of the world's population, 58% of its mobile subscriptions and 53% of its internet users. Growth rates are important too: retail sales in Asia are forecast to grow by 4.5% a year for the next five years, against a world average of 3%. But equally, the region has many tech companies that are increasingly innovative, from Alibaba and FlipKart in e-commerce, to Samsung and Xiaomi in mobile, to Tencent and Weibo in social."

The rise of mobile, social and e-commerce are having a profound impact on Asia's consumers. The region is the fastest-growing part of the world and is also the most populous, making it the world's most exciting consumer opportunity.

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