September 2017: Media & Marketing Review


Here's a look back on the media and marketing news over the last month.


Behind Every Great Town

Guinness recently ran a campaign around the All Ireland Finals, showing their support for the GAA by highlighting the role it plays in various counties. Each county has their own experience of the GAA with various settings for the matches, and Guinness did a great job of portraying this.

It was planned by Carat and Source Out of Home, with creative by BBDO. The campaign ran on 96 Sheets, 48 Sheets, Golden Squares and I-Sites. Several different creatives were used for the campaign showing different settings and backdrops with the featured goal posts taking prominence, illustrating the community approach to Ireland’s national sport and just how ingrained GAA is into the landscape of the country.



King of the Bus Shelters

King, one of the nation’s favourite crisp brands, has launched an Outdoor campaign through Vizeum and Source Out of Home.

Largo Foods has once again teamed up with Dublin GAA superstar Bernard Brogan for its ‘King of the Hill’ campaign. The OOH element of the campaign has been running for several weeks on a number of formats, including Retail AdTowers and Adboxes in multiple strategic locations for maximum impact.

As part of the campaign, the snack producer is also featuring a fun OOH special build. Developed by PML Group’s in-house Innovation team and built by Eclipse Media, a bus shelter located on Upper Baggot Street has been loaded with the product. The instantly recognisable King Crisps packet pours the crisps from above. And yes… they are real crisps!  Approximately 250 packets of crisps were used to fill the 6 Sheet panel.

Commenting on the filled bus shelter, Brand Activation Manager at Largo Foods, Ian O’Rourke, said: ‘As we enter into the final stage of our #KingOfTheHill campaign we wanted to do something innovative with Outdoor to further enhance the talkability around the brand. The pouring effect displays our Simply Superior crisps in all their glory and will certainly make people stop and stare.’




Dare to Care Fundraiser Returns to Today FM

Today FM has launched its Dare to Care campaign in aid of the Irish Cancer Society. Now in its second year, Today FM along with presenters and listeners is hoping to raise €500,000 in the fight against cancer.

Today FM presenters Ian Dempsey, Al Porter, Dermot & Dave, Matt Cooper, Louise Duffy and Paula MacSweeney were all on hand to launch this year’s campaign, each pledging to take on a dare of their own to raise as much as they can for a very worthy cause and encouraging their listeners to do the same.

Since 2010, Today FM’s Shave or Dye campaign has raised over €8 million for the Irish Cancer Society, thanks to the generosity and spirit of listeners.


Temporary Mental Health Radio Station Returns

Walk in My Shoes Radio will broadcast live from St Patrick’s University Hospital from Monday 9th October until Friday 13th October to mark World Mental Health Awareness Week.

The station was launched by a number of WIMS Radio hosts including mental health advocates, celebrity ambassadors and well-known presenters. Walk in My Shoes Radio was established to promote positive mental health and encourage people to seek support and professional advice when experiencing mental health issues.

The overall aim of Walk in My Shoes Radio is to encourage listeners to become involved in the conversation around mental health. Its main message is: taking action early by seeking support and professional advice to deal with mental health issues is vital.

Who’s on the Move?

Bryan Dobson to host Morning Ireland

  • Bryan Dobson is joining the team of presenters on RTÉ Radio 1’s Morning Ireland.

After 21 years presenting RTÉ One’s Six One News programme, the broadcaster will move to be a permanent presenter on Radio 1 at the end of October. Bryan will join co-presenters Rachael English, Dr Gavin Jennings and Audrey Carville as a main anchor.

Speaking about the move, Bryan Dobson said: “I will greatly miss Six One News but there comes a time to move on and grasp new opportunities. Morning Ireland is the country’s most-listened-to radio programme with an audience that is highly engaged in the debates, arguments and discussions that make up the national conversation.

“I am hugely looking forward to joining the Morning Ireland team and playing my part in serving our listeners and in continuing to meet, and exceed, their expectations.”

  • George Hook moves to weekends

George Hook is moving to weekends on Newstalk following a review of his situation recently.

In a statement, the station says: “Newstalk has now concluded the process which reviewed the circumstances that led to George Hook’s comments on rape recently. The station confirms that George Hook will be stepping down from his lunchtime slot. He will return to the station in December 2017 when he will take on a new weekend show. Newstalk will shortly be announcing a replacement for the lunchtime show.”

Calls had been made for the 76 year old to leave the station after his comments and it is understood a number of complaints were made to the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland.




YouTube Gets Innovative

YouTube announced recently its plans to introduce a number of new and innovative products focused on helping advertisers with ad targeting, storytelling and making the most of the assets they have.

One key initiative is YouTube are expanding their Custom Affinity Audience offering so advertisers can target users with more relevant ads influenced by Google search data. For example, if someone is searching for holiday deals on Google they can now be targeted with ads for travel insurance on YouTube.

YouTube also proposed Video Ad Sequencing, allowing advertisers a greater ability to tell complete stories to consumers using a mix of ad formats of varying lengths in a sequence. For example, you can target a consumer with a 6 second Bumper ad and then retarget them with a 15 second and then again with a 30 second Trueview video.

YouTube have announced details of their new Director Mix software which has promised that advertisers will be able to create a myriad of video variations from just a single asset.

Advertisers who buy into Director Mix need to provide YouTube with all necessary components of a video (such as sound, imagery and copy) and from this YouTube will then create countless variations of the video to match whatever consumer segment they want to target.

YouTube are aiming to make video content more effective for the advertiser but also more relevant and more personable for the consumer.


3 New Facebook Updates and Tests Spotted This Week

The changes just keep coming from Facebook. Here are five new tests spotted across the web this week:

  1. Reactions Store

The ‘Reactions Store’, currently hidden in Facebook’s backend code, offers a range of Reactions to choose from to display on your profile. Your selection only changes the way Reactions are displayed to you, not how others see your responses - but still, it provides another way for Facebook to spark more interest in Reactions, which could, in turn, get more people using the different types.

Facebook has experimented with these before, with themed variations of Reactions for Mother’s Day and LGBTQ Pride celebrations around the world. Right now, there’s limited information on where Facebook are at in terms of testing the ‘Reaction Store’ – and whether it might be a paid store or merely a set of options you can activate, similar to their frames collection (with the latter seeming more likely), but the fact that it’s present at all suggests that it could be getting a wider release in the near future. It's possible, too, that custom Reactions could also become a high-end ad option at some point in the future.




  1. Polls with GIFs

It’s an interesting way to boost engagement, and will no doubt help Pages generate more attention in News Feeds.

The option could also be seen as a counter to the rising number of Pages using makeshift polls within Facebook Live – which use Reactions as a voting mechanism.

Facebook has sought to discourage this, as the use of Reactions as a voting measure can skew their data. Maybe, by adding in a simple, legitimate way to conduct polls, they could provide a more viable alternative – though the expanded reach of Facebook Live videos is no doubt the key draw in using them for such purposes.

Either way, it’s a good-looking option, and will likely prove popular, if it sees wider release.


  1. Instagram Followers

Over on Instagram, they’re testing out a new indicator which shows which profiles follow you, which could make it easier to keep track of your audience.

Instagram has notoriously never had a ‘following’ notifier, which has made it more difficult to sort the fans from the lurkers. The new option could make it easier to understand who you’re reaching, and help brands target their outreach to the right people.

The feature is currently being tested on Android – no word on a wider release.



August TV Viewership

August was a month of declining ratings on TV, with all key demographics down year on year. Following on from last month, Adults 25-44 again experienced the most notable drop, falling -11% on last year. Ads 15-34 and Housekeepers with Children both fell -6%, while broad Adults remained relatively flat coming in at -1%.

RTE saw heavy drop offs in August, particularly against the young audiences with Ads 15-34 and Ads 25-44 coming in at -17% and -20% respectively. HW+CH came in at -14% and Adults at -9%.     

After a poor July, TV3 had another tough month in August. Ads 25-44 again proved to be the most impacted audience, falling -17% on last year. HW+CH fell -14% and Ads 15-34 fell -7%, however Adults improved 3% which is a strong result relative to the rest of the market.

TG4 continue to see an increase in ratings across the board, particularly against HW+CH and Adults who both saw double digit increases of 16% and 21% respectively. The younger audiences also improved on last year’s figures, with Ads 15-34 coming in 15% up and Ads 25-44 up 10%. 



Sky Media had a largely flat month, with no major ups or downs. The young audiences finished the month level with last year, as did HW+CH. Adults actually saw an increase of 4% on 2016’s figures.

Medialink saw an upward trend against HW+CH and Adults, while they remained unchanged for Adults 15-34. Adults 25-44 took a dip of -13%, which is in line with the industry average for the month. The Great British Bake Off kicked off on C4 at the end of August which looks to be performing very well against Adults and HW+CH. It will be interesting to see the September figures for this.

NI impacts followed a similar trend to last month, with UTV performing quite well and C4 Ulster seeing heavy declines across all audiences.








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