May 2016: Media and Marketing Update


Here's a look back on the media and marketing news over the last month.


Instagram Introduces New Business Tools to its Platform

Instagram has finally confirmed the introduction of enhanced business tools on its platform after months of speculation and leaks. The new tools will offer similar analytics & insights to those currently available to businesses using the Facebook Pages app, in addition to the creation of business profiles.

The introduction will allow businesses to offer greater calls to action through phone calls, emails or texts with a tap, and the inclusion of maps and directions to businesses. The Analytics tools will include impressions, reach, website clicks, and other follower activity, which can be utilised by businesses to decide when best to target their customers. 

Only those businesses and advertisers with a Facebook page will be able to avail of the service in the initial stages of the roll out. This will be of particular interest to influencers who may use the Facebook & Instagram platforms to promote products & gain followers without the use of a business page.  

The premier photo sharing app worldwide which has for the past number of months been altering their algorithm whereby posts appear in order of habit/ your interaction history versus chronological order seems to be making a lot of new moves lately. With now 400m active users, new video and photo sharing formats, the app is going from strength to strength and remains a highly relevant tool for audiences young and old. 

- Gerard Keenan


The Rise of Native Advertising 

Digital advertising spend is on the rise, and no area is rising faster than native advertising.   

Native advertising is a non-intrusive form of advertising with the look and feel of the publisher’s content. There are a number of reasons why we are seeing a rise in native content. One of the biggest drivers is as a result of rise in consumer’s adoption of ad blockers. 

Ad Blockers act as a firewall between the web browser and the ad server. Once installed these extensions automatically block ads on all websites and are effective against almost all ad formats. Recent figures show that ad-blocking usage in Ireland doubled over the last two years, with 18% of the population utilising ad blocking software either on their desktop or mobile device. 

Native advertising is an effective way to get your advertising message around ad blocking software and reach these users online. 

Native ads are also proven to have higher levels of engagement as people are more inclined to interact and engage with content that they deem organic, making native a good choice for advertisers. 

And perhaps most importantly, for many of the fastest-growing social media platforms, like Twitter and Instagram, native advertising is the only way to reach their audiences so going forward any brand that aims to have effective advertising will need to address native formats, and determine how their business can best take advantage of it. 

- Emma O’Neill


Google Launches Small Business Website Tool

The Tech Giant has announced a new tool that will allow smalls businesses and website owners to test the strength of their website across mobile platforms. The unveiling of this latest product is part of Google’s plans to encourage businesses to offer cross platform websites that are functional, with greater efficiency and performance no matter the device that visits their pages. 

As mobile surpassed desktop in terms of the number of searches completed in 2015, the tool, further highlights the importance of cross platform websites and the need for businesses to have a dedicated mobile site offering for their customers. With Google clearly viewing Mobile as the way forward in terms of generating traffic towards business websites.

Businesses can access the tool at and receive a score based on Mobile Friendliness, Mobile Speed & Desktop Speed.

- Gerard Keenan


May TV Viewership

Impact decline continued through into May with stations struggling to hold on to the young audiences in particular. That said May also brought with it some of the hottest weather we have seen in a while which is evident by the -22% decline for this audience. Hw+Ch bucked this trend with impacts coming in flat in ROI. 

RTÉ was one of the hardest hit for Ads 15-34 in May with impacts under by -26% year on year. Their home produced hit First Dates which was much hyped on social media saw huge declines (-40% for Ads 15-34 on its penultimate episode) in the last episode of the season which unfortunately happened to coincide with the peak of the good weather at the end of May. However, although Eurovision saw some declines for the younger audience’s year on year, the show managed to pull in an impressive +22% of Hw+Ch. 

TV3 performed similarly to RTÉ this month with young adults hit with a -23% decline. They saw Britain’s Got Talents 10 year anniversary this year, viewing figures not living up to expectations with Ad 15-34 down -26% and Hw+Ch -15%. However the Final show saw an increase in Hw+Ch of 15%. Sport has been a big driver of young audiences here too with the Europa League Final (67K Ad 15-34), Champion’s League (49k Ad 15-34) and the FA Cup Final (39k Ad 15-34).

While most have seen a decline, UTV Ireland saw viewership among Hw+Ch up +26%. UTV has not been immune to the impact declines of the young viewers, down -15%, this however is the smallest decline in ROI in May. Ads 25-44.

Sky Media are tracking moderately well in May, Ads 15-34 delivering -17% which is below market average. Impacts on C4 Digital are continuing to perform poorly (-37% Ad 1534 & -22% Hw+Ch), one thing to remember here is that this is off a small base and strong past performance over the last 2 years. Possible panel issues having been highlighted among Ads 15-34, in particular the universes size of 25-34 which has saw a decline of 9% over the past year. As Sky and C4 Digital are predominantly 15-34 station groups this issue can translate to high % declines.

UTV and C4 Ulster were also victims of our good weather in May, affecting delivery across the board. Hw+Ch took the biggest hit on UTV (-14%) and C4 Ulster (-26%). However, Britain’s Got Talent was the best performing show for this audience delivering 23% Hw+Ch in the North. This performance decelerated overall decline for the audience in this month

- Carla Reddy

May TV graph 2



Competitive creativity amongst the OOH formats

PML annual review showed OOH again grew by six per cent in 2015. Aside from economic factors, PML Managing Director Jimmy Cashen put the increase down to the medium’s ‘always on’ nature, improvements in plant quality, format flexibility, innovation and creativity.

Supporting this theory, Out of Home advertising in the Republic of Ireland saw a lot of innovation and creativity in May

Tesco OOH May v3

Some stand out examples in the past month have been Tesco’s use of real grass on poster space, watered daily, to support its 100% Irish meat campaign, and one of our own clients, Cadbury’s use of bubble wrap at bus stops. Both campaigns provoked thought and encouraged engagement, proving the outdoor environment is a powerful medium for transmitting the advertiser’s message and getting the consumer engaging with the brand. 

- Hugh Gleeson

 Cadbury OOH May



INM’s Book of Evidence 

Despite the increasing move by advertisers and companies towards digital, press will always be an important staple in Irish society. Evidenced by the fact that 1.3million newspapers are still sold every week in Ireland, with 2.7million people still reading daily. 

In light of the current digital climate and to support their belief in press, INM released the findings of their ‘Customer Research Strategy Survey’ this month. 

INM’s research survey included two in-depth studies. Firstly, 13,000 interviews were conducted with newspaper readers around the country, at the point of purchase. The data collected from these interviews was combined with the industry’s largest econometrics study ever conducted to make up the Research Survey. The econometrics study was conducted over three years and was made up of over 20 million data points. The results of this survey – summarised in INM’s Book of Evidence – are a number of very compelling reasons why print is still an important medium within the advertising industry. 

- 25% of all sales delivered by media re driven by print advertising

- On average 20% of all PPCs originate from print advertising 

- On average 10% of landing page visits are delivered by print advertising 


- Paul Buggy 


Today FM appoints new CEO

Today FM have announced the appointment of their new Chief Executive Officer, Keith McCormack. Keith has an experienced background in the industry as CEO of 98FM since 2014. 

Keith will officially begin his tenure on 1st June. Joining after some recent setbacks for the station in the JNLR, Keith will be tasked with maintaining the stations current market share and growing listenership into the future. 

April’s JNLR figures saw Today FM experience a 61,000 drop in listeners, and a corresponding drop in their market share. Which now sits at 7.5% down from 8.6% YOY.

Communicorp One’s CEO Gervaise Slowey, endorsed the appointment and commented: “He has a strong track record in commercial development, sales and marketing and I know his expertise will be invaluable to the future growth of Today FM.”

- Paul Buggy

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