June 2016: Media and Marketing Update


Here's a look back on the media and marketing news over the last month.

Facebook Launches Online Creative Hub in Bid to Simplify Creation of Ads
Last Tuesday, at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, Facebook announced the launch of a new online platform for the creation, sharing, reviewing and testing of Facebook and Instagram adverts. Its aim is to help creatives build ads more easily through an interactive workspace. The Creative Hub houses a range of formats to choose from as well as ad specs and case studies of previous works.
The focus of this new platform is primarily mobile. As mobile engagement rates rise this is a tool that could prove very useful as people are consuming more and more content on their devices. Recent stats show more than 1 billion people access Facebook via mobile every day. This digital centralisation will allow clients and agencies in all parts of the world to easily collaborate together to target mobile audiences. As most ads are created on desktops, the feature to test the ads on a dynamic mobile newsfeed before they go live is very appealing.
Creative Hub is currently still in testing but is expected to be launched within the next few months. In the meantime, you can join the waitlist at: https://www.facebook.com/ads/creativehub/
- Katie Varian
LinkedIn Opens Up to Programmatic Buying 
LinkedIn announced last week (Tuesday, June 28th) that their desktop display inventory would now be available to buy programmatically through both open and private exchanges. 
This means that advertisers can now add LinkedIn to their network buys to reach the right people quickly and more cost-effectively. Display MPUs and Skyscrapers will be served on the right hand side of the desktop formats. 
With two types of options available for targeting audiences, there will be no shortage of possibilities.  
Intent based targeting will allow you to use your own 1st or 3rd party data to retarget, create lookalike audiences. The other option, professional identity will allow advertisers to programmatically segment professional audiences based on company, profession, industry, and more.
In addition to this, private market place auctions allow advertisers to target the LinkedIn.com homepage.
In a blogpost by Russell Glass, Head of Products, published on the launch day, he said “We (LinkedIn) support the majority of demand-side platforms (DSP’s) and agency trading desks (ATD’s). We currently have more than 4,000 premium brands enabled to run across our site, ensuring that customers can buy as they wish….Our new programmatic buying option is further reinforcement of our commitment to help you deliver the best possible results every time you engage with us.” 
- Aisling Foster 
Emoji Based Targeting Comes to Twitter
Lovers & Loathers of Emojis will either rejoice :) or mourn :( the news that, Twitter will now allow advertisers to target users based on the Emoji they use in a tweet. 
The move will mean users who use have used Emojis from categories such as Smileys & People, Animal & Natures, Food & Drink, Activity, and Transport, could be served with an ad related to the category they’ve just tweeted on. For instance someone who tweets using a Coffee Emoji might be served with an ad for the local café or coffee shop. Similarly car brands could target someone who has just used a Car or Bus Emoji.
The move may prove to be Twitters saving grace as it finally taps into “The Year of the Emoji” mantra it publicised in late 2015.  It remains to be seen whether this new targeting format can shift Twitter from a #Fail to a #Win as it tries to arrest its overall decline in user engagement.   
- Gerard Keenan
Newstalk Unveils it's New Autumn Schedule
Since our last market update in May, arguably one of this year’s most anticipated changes to Irish radio took place when Newstalk 106-108FM unveiled its new autumn schedule. The changes come following the news in April that Ivan Yates would leave the station to travel the world with his wife.  
Newstalk’s new presenters are TV3’s Colette Fitzpatrick, Sarah McInerney, Paul Williams & Alan Quinlan. They will be joining the station in September and will all play part of the new look newstalk schedule.
• Shane Coleman, Colette Fitzpatrick and Paul Williams to anchor Breakfast
• Alan Quinlan joins as morning Sports Anchor
• Earlier expanded slot for The Pat Kenny Show
• George Hook to anchor new concept Lunchtime show
• Chris Donoghue and Sarah McInerney are the new Drive duo
Commenting on the new schedule, Tim Collins, Station CEO said: “Our announcement today is an important milestone in the evolution of Newstalk as a major media brand. Our strategy is to become the country’s leading talk station for 25-55 year olds and our new schedule reflects the tastes and interests of this younger audience.”
The loss of Ivan and Chris from the morning slot has certainly left a big hold for the station to fill. However, these additions and rearrangements show that they are actively trying to replace the duo while also adding further to the station and it will certainly be interesting to see how the public responds come September.  
- Hugh Gleeson
June Viewership
After Impact declines and hot weather throughout May, it was refreshing to see a lift in impacts across audiences that had been previously struggling with a heavy injection of sport onto our schedules this month. The UEFA 2016 Euro’s brought along with it a rise in impacts across stations with this coverage and in particular TV3, they saw a 28% increase in Ad 2544 and 26% in Hw+Ch. Despite the month’s programming we have continued to see a YOY decline on young’s, coming in -9% in ROI, Sky and C4 Digital are large contributors here whilst TV3 have seen a 12% increase.
RTÉ were the best performing channel specifically covering the games. Ad 2544 outperformed by 38% delivering and impressive 369k compared to 141k on TV3. They recovered from a previous challenging period on Ads 1534 now coming in flat in June (+1%). Live games of the Euro’s, saw the best performing show so far this year for young’s. Ireland versus France attracted 248k Ad 1534 viewers, 147k of which were young men, an audience which we have seen struggle in previous months. 
Overall, TV3 saw the biggest increase in impacts across all audiences in ROI this month. The Euro Games were their best performing programming, England Versus Russia coming in as their top game taking in 141k Ad 2544 viewers. Along with the football they saw Big Brother back on our screens. This is the second year the show has been aired on TV3 and impacts have not performed as well as last year so far with their launch night bringing in 50k Ad 2544 viewers whilst last year they got 67k, but still welcome additional impacts.
Unlike RTE and TV3, UTV Ireland saw viewership drop amongst all audiences with young viewers continuing to be their most affected, down -15%. However Hw+Ch were up +18% with Coronation Street (108k Ad 2544) and Emmerdale (85k ad2544) holding their top two programme spots across all audiences. Love Island is back on UTV however young performance has not done as well as expected, only delivering 11k Ad 1534.
Sky Media’s performance has been drowned out this month by the Euro’s on RTE & TV3, Ads 1534 taking a hit of -21% whilst Hw+Ch continue to hold their ground at +2%. Impacts on C4 Digital struggled in June across all audiences (-22% Ad 1534 & -18% Ad 2544). Young impacts on both station groups have suffered in the wake of increased young impacts this month on RTE and TV3.
UTV NI turned it around this month seeing increase in Ad 1534 (6%) and Ad 2544 (+5%). The live Euro games being their best performing show this month delivering 14k Ad 2544  and 12k Ad 1634. C4 Ulster were again, victims of weak delivery in June, affecting audiences across the board. Ad 1534 took the biggest hit on C4 Ulster (-36%) and Hw+CH (-31%). 
June TV Viewership 2016 v2
- Carla Reddy
Sean Melly Backs New Television Advertising Start-up
Sean Melly v3
Ronan Higgins and Pieter Oonk of TV AdSync with Sean Melly. Photo: Steve Humphreys
Powerscourt Capital, Enterprise Ireland and other private investors have injected €500,000 into a new Irish technology start-up aimed at revolutionising television advertising.
Powerscourt is led by Sean Melly, a candidate for the forthcoming Seanad election and chair of Trinity College Dublin's Business School.
The company receiving the equity investment is TVadSync, the brainchild of Ronan Higgins and Pieter Oonk, which was founded to address changing TV viewing behaviour. Melly is also its chairman.
The business taps into the 'second screen' phenomenon, whereby an increasing number of people who watch television do so while also browsing the internet on another device at the same time.
A February study by Britain's Internet Advertising Bureau found that just half of adults now see the TV set as the focal point of their living room, with 70pc reporting that they use a connected device like a smartphone whilst watching TV. This rises to 87pc among 16-34-year-olds. During TV programmes, over one third (34pc) said they checked emails, 31pc used messaging services and a quarter shopped online.
TVadSync helps advertisers to take advantage of this, syncing up online advertising with what appears on people's TVs. Last year, the company was included on Unilever's list of the world's most promising technology start-ups.
Source: Sunday Indo Business
- Carla Reddy
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