January 2018: Media & Marketing Review


Here's a look back on the media and marketing news over the last month.



Irish Radioplayer Now Available Through Amazon Echo

Irish Radioplayer has joined the masses embracing voice-activated technology by partnering with Amazon’s Alexa devices. Users of these devices, such as the Echo, can now access Irish radio stations using their voice.

Customers must first enable this feature by saying ‘Alexa, enable Irish Radioplayer’, after which they need only ask the device to play their desired station by saying, ‘Alexa, ask Irish Radioplayer to play [X station]’.

This move is an attempt to future-proof radio during a time when our society is becoming increasingly digitised. Scott Williams, Chair of the Irish Radioplayer Steering Board said, “The Irish Radioplayer has successfully put all Irish radio in one place and thousands of listeners use it daily on tablets and phones. This development ensures that our great Irish radio content will now be available with a simple voice command on the new devices. It will make listening easier and intuitive. We are delighted to be there.”

Source: radiotoday.ie


Cadbury the New Sponsor of Today FM Weekend Breakfast

As of mid-January, Cadbury is the new sponsor of ‘Weekend Breakfast’ with Alison Curtis on Today FM. For the next 12 months, the brand will be integrated into the show through outside broadcasts, on-air stings and social media promotions.

Cadbury intends to use the sponsorship to highlight the kindness and generosity of everyday life, as part of a new campaign that wants to bring to life their tagline: ‘There’s a glass and a half in everyone’.

‘Weekend Breakfast’ airs every Saturday (8am-11am) and Sunday (7am-10am) to 158,000 listeners.

Source: radiotoday.ie



A Lookback at 2017 Developments

The past year has seen an increase in new developments in OOH formats. There has been an advancement in Backlit 6 Sheets, introduction of Tesco Live, new Digital Metropanels, Ballsbridge Digipole, Luas Cross City, O’Connell Street’s newest and biggest Billboard, Street-Side Digital Screens, Digital Bus Shelters and the expansion of T-Sides and Supersides now available in Cork, Limerick and Galway. 

Quality in Classic - 50+ Backlit, HD, large format units have replaced older and prismatic panels in the last few years. This process continues across all media owners.


Tesco Live - 60 Stores, 76 screens, 70’’ display in the busiest Tesco stores nationwide.



Digital Metropanels - There has been a conversion from static to digital in key city centre locations. They’re planning for 45 locations by Autumn 2018.


Digipole - JCDecaux announced the introduction of Irelands first and only roadside digital format. The is Ireland’s first large format LED roadside advertising screen, located in Ballsbridge.


Luas Cross City - December 2017 saw new internal advertising opportunities with 8-10 million additional trips per year increasing the public transport movement in Dublin.


Street Side Digital Screens- There are approximately 300 screens in Dublin City centre in high footfall areas such as Grafton Street, Dame Street & O’Connell Street.



Digital Bus Shelters - A new development expected in Q3 2018 which allows for subtle animation, similar to recent developments in London.


T-Sides/ Supersides- Now expanding outside of Dublin, these OOH formats are available in Cork, Limerick and Galway.

Sources: JCDecaux & PML



Bitcoin Gets the Boot on Facebook

Facebook has moved to ban all ambiguous and misleading ads on its platform relating to Bitcoin and other crypto currencies.  The move comes at a time when currencies such as Bitcoin are coming under increasing scrutiny, as a result of wildly fluctuating prices, high transaction costs, and poor investment ratings.

The Tech Giant updated its advertising policies across both its Facebook and Instagram platforms and Facebook Audience Network, further adding to the negative news surrounding the currency in recent weeks and months.

It remains to be seen how the move will affect the value of these currencies. Facebook does allow ads for sensitive financial topics, once permissions are given, so some allowances may be made in the coming weeks and months.

Source: facebook.com



December TV Viewership

Compared to last year’s data, Adults 15+ are the best performing audience with an increase of 5%, while Adults 25-44 also made a strong improvement from last year with a rise of 3%, making it the second best performing audience of the month. Housekeepers with Children (HW+CH) as an audience has continued to see declines when compared to last year’s figures, as it has fallen 1% this year.

RTE had one of its best months so far this year, with ratings up across all audiences except for HW+CH, which saw a decrease of 4%. December saw Adults 25-44 up by an impressive 9% followed by broad Adults who were up by 7% and Adults 15-34 by 2%. HK+CH finished the month inferior to last year. This is tied in to the fact that this audience has had a decline each month across 2017 and is continuing to show decline.

TV3 had an incredibly impressive month, with ratings up across every audience. Adults 15-34 saw a huge increase of 14%. Adults 25-44 also showed a great increase, finishing off the month up by 8% closely followed by Adults at 7% and HK+CH at 7%.

TG4 has once again continued its strong resurgence and finished the month with rising ratings across most audiences. The most notable performers were Adults 15-34 achieving double digits with 11%, Adults was up by a very respectable 9%. Adults 25-44, although not as impressive, did keep level. HW+CH seemed to have a difficult month with TG4 coming in with a decline of -13%.

Sky continued to have a difficult run of months in December, which saw a dramatic fall of ratings across all demographics. However, this month has been significantly better compared to November. Adults 15-34 fell by -10% and Adults 25-44 by -4%. HW+CH also came in with a disappointing result of -8%. Adults, even though performing the best, didn’t do great, coming in flat.

Medialink had a disappointing month with nearly all audiences coming in down. Adults, Ads 25-44, and Ads 15-34 saw a decline of -1%, -9% and -7% respectively. HW+CH was the best performer, coming in flat.

In NI, both UTV and C4 had a poor December with a decrease across many audiences. The stand out performer this month was HW+CH and Adults on UTV NI who finished the month with 3%.













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