Ipsos and Carat Launch the First Children's Market Survey in China


Ipsos worked with Carat China and launched the first syndicated children’s market survey in China – “Kids and Family” Survey. The survey is targeted at 6-15 year-old children from three different aspects – Lifestyle, Consumer Behaviour and Attitude & Interest, outlining the child segmentation. It also looks into their influencers including family, friends and media, and in turn, helps advertisers and brands to better communicate with the children.


As a strategic partner, Carat China has been actively involved in the development of this survey with Ipsos. Derek Huang, Head of Business Sciences of Carat China said: “The children’s market has been growing rapidly in China, and it has huge potential for us to explore further. Today, children have become the centre of most families in China. Brands that can win the hearts of children will win the future market. In particular there are three key opportunities for brands targeting kids in terms of marketing communication. Firstly, edutainment is an effective way to address the dilemma of education. Secondly, reduce anxiety and encourage intimacy between kids and moms. Last but not least, based on insights, leverage the power of digital to engage children.”

Adil Zaim, CEO of Carat China added: “This survey has filled the gap of large-scale, syndicated studies targeting kids in China’s market, and it is also an important supplement for Carat’s proprietary brand and media study - Consumer Connection Study (CCS), which covers the most cities in China and makes Carat a market leader in the consumer research area. We are committed to helping more advertisers understand kids - the next generation of consumers, and communicate with them more efficiently and effectively.”

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