Here's a look back on the media and marketing news over the last month.



Time for a Dynamic Approach 

New research commissioned by PML Group identifies the sort of information the Dublin population would be interested in Digital Out of Home advertising delivering.

As part of the agency’s ongoing iQ research programme, the results showed 65% of Dubliners considered time of day the most useful information advertisers could display. Females aged 25-34 found time of day the most useful at 87%.

A population obsessed with weather, it was no surprise to see weather was considered information the audience is keen to see displayed on DOOH at 54%. 79% of females aged 45-54 years old was the largest group to find this type of information the most useful.

News updates and location maps followed at 52% and 51% respectively.

Interestingly, Social Media feeds were considered the least useful at 14%. However, a third of males aged 16 -24 said social media feeds was useful information.

The sort of information that was rated most useful is generally material associated with urban life. By serving consumers meaningful, tailored and contextualised content, advertisers can boost the overall effectiveness of its campaign.

By making the format more creative, targeted and interactive, Out of Home advertising can help brands build dialogue and engagement with their audience in real time and real life.

Source: pmlgroup.ie/time-for-a-dynamic-approach/


To promote its cashback offer, food, flowers and pancakes were the themes of Dunnes Stores’ Out of Home campaign.

The monochrome design is complemented by various products on show that pop with colour and with the cashback offer bold and centre, the creative allows for a simple, eye-catching campaign.

The nationwide campaign is displaying on 48 Sheets, Bus Shelters and Adshels as well as exclusive Dublin only formats – Digipole and Metropole.

This campaign was looked after by ourselves with the creative being looked after by Source.

Source: sourceooh.ie/news-2/


Brewed in St. James’s Gate, Ireland’s newest larger, Rockshore, was on OOH as it launched in the market. To build brand awareness and ensure a large presence, a multi-format campaign promoted the new drink. The campaign was valued by Posterwatch at €228k.

Source: PML The Big 5 Cycle 



Radio Nova gets Listeners to Shazam the Music 

Radio Nova has spent the weekend asking listeners to Shazam the station whenever it plays a Rolling Stones song to win gig tickets. 

The partnership is hailed as a first for Irish radio, created by a new partnership between Shazam’s ad solutions representative Packed House and Radio Nova.

Tickets to see Rolling Stones at their No Filter tour in Croke Park were being won all over the weekend by listeners who had to download the Shazam app to their Smartphones. Nova will be repeating the mechanic for two more weekends – for Billy Joel then Paul Simon – under the promotion with Shazam.

“Shazam’s audio recognition technology can make any recorded material ‘shazamable’, linking listeners to any digital URL seamlessly, enabling them to engage longer through deep, dynamic content. It can connect our listeners to a dynamic mobile experience with a single touch of a button”, says Kevin Branigan, CEO of Radio Nova.

Communicorp Rebrands and Introduces New Stations

Communicorp Media is the new official name for Denis O’Brien’s radio group as the company attempts to adapt for an ever-changing media market.

The group has also launched more brand-extension stations including Today FM 80’s, 90’s and XM at an exclusive event in Dublin’s Vicar St. New podcasts will be made with digital-first content, and studios are being refreshed to look better on camera.  More detail here but so far the numbers look positive:

    • 70,000 streams already – representing 7% of the total Today FM digital listening.
    • Average listening session is 1 hour.
    • 25-35 year old’s making up 40% of the listener followed by 35-45 at 30%.

Communicorp Media Chief Executive Adrian Serle said: “We need to change the perceptions of the media agencies and we need to change the perceptions of the advertisers. This year is about starting to realise the benefit of some of those changes.”

RTE Launches Youth Mental Health Initiative 

RTÉ is launching a special Youth Mental Health initiative on Radio 1, 2FM and Raidió na Gaeltachta. The Big Picture – Youth Mental Health strand will also be promoted via RTÉ One, RTÉ Player, RTE.ie, and aims to shine a light on the issue, including an hour-long TV documentary and studio discussion.

Dee Forbes, RTÉ Director General said: “With The Big Picture strand we interrogate some of the biggest challenges and issues facing Ireland today, bringing together journalists and producers from across RTÉ to explore the issues, and examine the solutions. The first Big Picture, on homelessness, aired in December last. I’m delighted to see the strand return now with an important focus on youth mental health. The range of content, across all services, is inspiring, not least the dramatic mural by artist Joe Caslin, which takes up an impressive three stories on one of our main structures in RTÉ. It’s a statement of intent behind a strand that I hope will ask important questions and present some interesting responses.”

RTÉ 2fm will examine how music can make us feel better and are creating a dedicated Spotify List nominated by 2fm presenters and listeners.

Tracy Clifford, Nicky Byrne, Jenny Greene and Eoghan McDermott will all speak to guests on a range of youth mental health topics with details of the people and organisations to help young people curated on the 2fm website.

Source: radiotoday.ie & chooseradio.ie



Facebook to launch new dating app – without the ads

Facebook has inched closer to world wide web domination with their latest announcement, confirming that they have been working towards launching a dating app to compete with the current big hitters such Tinder and Bumble.

Although it is unclear when this new product will land, they have sprinkled us with a few details surrounding how the app will work. It will differ from other apps such as Tinder in that it will ask users to build a more in-depth profile, matching users on data surrounding their interests, groups and events they have confirmed they are going to with location layered on.

It has been said by a few in the industry that it sounds very similar to the dating app ‘Hinge’, which allows users to scroll rather than swipe. Also, to initiate a conversation with a match, you will have to comment on an aspect of your matches profile - hopefully encouraging users to put in a little bit more effort with their opening line.

The app will also be completely independent from their other platforms and your activity on the dating app will not be in any way linked to your Facebook profile and the chatting function will not be connected to Messenger or Whatsapp. It has also been highlighted that the platform will be ad free (for now).

In light of recent public scrutiny over their ability to protect their users’ privacy and data, Zuckerberg has expressed that the app was built with privacy and security in mind from the get go. That being said, it will be interesting to see if users are willing to continue to trust Facebook, specifically when it comes to matters of the heart.

Source: recode.net & fortune.com



April was a month of declining impacts on TV, with all key demographics down year on year. Following on from last month, HW+CH again experienced the most notable drop, falling -16% on last year. Both Ads 25-44 and Ads 15-34 fell by -15% compared to last year. Adults performed the best however still came in with -9% compared to last year.

This information is illustrated in the below graph:


RTE saw a decrease in impacts across most demographics in April, unsurprisingly this was most evident in HW+CH which dropped -22%. Adults 15-34 were the least impacted audience and rose by 1% on last year, while Adults took a significant -7% dip in impacts and Adults 25-44 also saw a slight fall of -2%.

After a strong March, TV3 continued to have a rise in most demographics in April. Ads 15-34 saw a rise of 9% on last year. HW+CH saw a fall of -2%. Ads 25-44 and Adults both saw an increase of impacts with Ads25-44 rising by 2% and Adults rising by 6%.

TG4 had quite a difficult month. The younger audiences in particular had a tough month with Ads 15-43 and Ads 25-44 coming in at -40% compared to last year. HW+CH also had a fall of impacts with a decrease of -33%. Adults came in with a fall of -28% compared to last year.

Sky continued to have a difficult run of months with April, which saw a fall of impacts across all demographics. We will continue to monitor this. Adults 15-34 fell by -37% and Adults 25-44 by -34%. Adults came in with also a disappointing result of -29%. HW+CH even though performing the best didn’t do great, coming in with a fall of -28%.

Medialink also saw heavy drops this Month. HW+CH saw a decrease of -13%. Adults 15-34 was a little disappointing seeing a fall -37%. Adults and Adults 25-44 both came in with -23% and -21% respectively.

C4 Ulster struggled in April too, seeing steep declines in impacts across nearly all audiences. Adults 15-34 and Adults 25-44 fell -22%. Housekeepers with Kids saw a decrease of impacts by -15%. Adults performed the best across both NI stations for C4 Ulster coming in with an increase of 7%.

UTV NI again saw the downward trend resume in April with impacts down on all audiences. The young audiences in particular had a difficult month with Ads 15-43 coming in at -34% and Ads 25-44 seeing a fall of impacts of -37%. HW+CH saw a decrease of impacts of -32% and Adults fell by -29% compared to last year.

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