Welcome to Carat, Ireland’s leading independent media agency. Based in state-of-the-art offices in Monkstown, County Dublin, we think we're a special place to work, with a fun and fast-paced environment. We began life as All Ireland Media in 1985, until the company formally rebranded to Carat Ireland in 2001.

Carat defined the sector when it was established as the first independent media specialist in 1968. In the new era of media, we are leading and shaping the industry once again, exploiting the bought, owned and earned media ecosystem to deliver powerful media solutions to world-leading brands both large and small. Carat uses media in new ways to deliver business value to our clients. Carat is redefining media. Whether you are a graduate or an experienced media professional, we are looking for the best: bright, enthusiastic and motivated people who can make our ambitious vision a reality. If you are successful, expect to join an entrepreneurial organisation with a vibrant, accessible and fun culture. You’ll find out more about both our industry-leading graduate programme and the current vacancies available in this part of the site.

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Redefining Media.