YOLO World - Paypass


Online trash reality show at one of the best music festivals in Europe: MasterCard Balaton Sound.

E +79% PayPass share in value vs 2013


  • Create attractive, relevant, original, innovative content to reach a youth audience
  • Be as authentic as possible with minimal client content
  • Drive PayPass brand preference amongst affluent youth
  • Build awareness of the contactless card function which is already available in the card holders’ wallets
  • Motivate non-PayPass cardholders to apply for a PayPass/contactless-enabled card just before the festivals
  • Create synergy with Instagram and Facebook communications
  • Generate earned-media and social activation


Youngsters are getting more and more indifferent to digital advertising solutions, however they live half of their lives online.

So we had to find a tasty, not too direct, but efficient and “sexy-trendy” way to reach them and demonstrate easy usage of Mastercard PayPass cards and the technology itself in a way, that 18-25 target group would pay attention and get engaged to the brand.


We made a partnership deal with a popular news portal, www.444.hu.

Reality shows are very popular in Hungary, but nobody had this kind of show on the internet, only in TV. We created YOLO World, the first online reality show of Hungary, broadcasted from MasterCard Balaton Sound. The name of the show is similar to the most popular TV reality show, “Real World”. Balaton Sound was so much the more suitable for the PayPass brand, because the only possible payment on the whole territory of the festival was usage of contactless debit/credit cards or pre-paid festival cards, no cash.

Six persons have been chosen by a live broadcasted casting procedure, streamed by Ustream.

Each day of the festival the 6 players recorded their own entertaining, personalized party video contents by hand-cameras and after a short assistance of experts from www.444.hu site they uploaded to the dedicated microsite, Youtube channel and FB site, but we also had FB application.
One player has been eliminated at the end of each day, decided by the votes of the site audience.

At the end of the Festival, only one player remained, the winner.

E +79% PayPass share in value vs 2013
U +70% PayPass share in transaction number vs 2013
v 700.000 Youtube views more than 700.000 Youtube views
A 100.000 UU reach more than 100.000 unique users reached
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