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TopJoy fruit juices have been on the shelfs of many stores for years, yet it only gained communication support after it’s revitalization in 2014.

Our goal was creating a communication strategy, which besides enhancing penetration, primarily increases the frequency of consumption.

l 3.000-4.000 INTERACTION in average every post In the last 12 months the fans of the brand’s Facebook page increased fourfold, which means more than 162.000 person (3.000-4.000 interaction in average every post)


To increase the frequency of consumption, we had to elaborate a regular, intensive relation with our target audience, without making the brand look aggressive, and forced, which could have mean the end of this fresh relation between the brand and it’s consumers.


Young people between the ages of 13-24 remain TopJoy’s target audience, since buying impulsive smaller packaged soft drinks is typical of them.

We utilized the brand’s already existing unique specification (individual message in the bottle), which provides possibilities for versatile connections in a two-way relationship. This type of interaction is rather inspirational and leaves infinite space for creativity, which is the lifeblood of our target audience.

During the digital communication, we tried to urge this creative interaction.


When we were choosing the channels for our communication we tried to match their specifications with our communication goals, so we tried to find the ones that provided forums for the brand’s relevant ongoing activity, and also had inspirational influence on the target audience. It was also important that the members of the community are able to share their creations, which came to life due to this inspiration. That is why the communication’s main platform became the Facebook.

Besides Facebook, TopJoy also launched an Instagram channel in March, 2015. On this platform we provided specifically made visual and audio-visual content for the followers, which strengthens the relation between TopJoy and it’s consumers. With sharing the best consumer generated photos on this channel, we can further motivate the interactions between consumers.

Last we introduced TopJoy Daily Cup mobile application as our third channel. The application generates a random daily message for the user, in such a style, that it can be found in the bottles of the product.




Effie Award 2015

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BRONZE - Effie Award

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