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 How to build brand preference via healthy nutrition and create an image of an expert in this area?

A 25 148 average Facebook post reach


Increasing brand awareness and arousing interest along product benefits. We want to deeply engage with consumers creating a satisfying post purchase experience with our products and establishing a much stronger loyalty loop.


Fruits & veggies are vital sources of vitamins and nutrients.

Homemade juices and smoothies are great ways to have more of that goodness.

But keeping up with the busy routine is not so easy, there seems to be a perception that homemade juices are not easy to make, and that they are less nice.


According to our research of the target audience (W, 30-45, ABC with healthy lifestyle interest), they are heavy online, Facebook users and like gastronomy and healthy life style related Facebook pages.

We created an authentic content network, which was able to influence, and to activate the users. We cooperated with bloggers, vloggers, kids and Hungary’s most read gastronomy website, NoSalty. Beside, we asked children to taste the drinks, and to share their honest opinion. The product features and benefits were introduced on Facebook/Instagram/website posts, videos, video recipes.

A 25 148 average Facebook post reach
v 17 258 Two vlog videos’ total view
w 1 037 419 Total NoSalty video views on Facebook
& 76 476 Total pre-roll views about kids
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