Mondelez China, Tencent and Carat forge strategic partnership for content and innovation


Mondelez China, Carat and Tencent have announced a strategic partnership as they look to develop new ways to engage with Chinese consumers. The joint business partnership delivers a comprehensive framework for collaboration with initiatives planned across data and research, content and shared commitments to innovation.

At a signing ceremony in Shanghai that celebrated the partnership, all the parties welcomed the agreement as an important milestone for their businesses. Stephen Maher, President of Mondelez China said: “Tencent is one of the largest and most successful internet platforms connecting consumers, this partnership will enhance Mondelez China’s capabilities in key areas of growth including ecommerce, content monetization and data-driven consumer insights.”  The deal will see Mondelez China and Tencent sharing data and conducting joint research studies alongside project teams that will work together with partners in Carat to forge new activation models.

Commenting on the significance and value of the partnership, SY Lau, Senior Executive Vice President of Tencent, President of its Online Media Group said: “Mobile internet is a key driver of consumption in China, providing a variety of ways to engage with consumers, as well as the convenience of sales and payment channels.” “We are very confident that Tencent and Mondelez will work together to stay at the forefront of the digital technological development in China and paint our new future”, Lau added. 

The brands have previously cooperated with award winning campaigns for Oreo, Chips Ahoy! and Stride, pioneering personalized experiences that allowed consumers to interact with the brands in new ways; facilitated via Tencent’s WeChat app. The combined monthly active user accounts of Weixin and WeChat reached 600 million as of the second quarter of 2015, providing a seamless experience for mobile commerce. Adil Zaim, CEO of Carat China said: “We began this journey with Mondelez more than six months ago, with two key insights: convergence is bringing the point of engagement and the point of transaction ever closer, and  personalization can provide consumers with immediate moments of emotional gratification. Tencent with their proprietary data and technology are a crucial enabler in utilizing these insights to drive business growth.”

Anthony Ho, Marketing & Media Director, Mondelez China commented that:“Today’s joint business partnership is the confirmation that we are committed to a long term, strategic collaboration. This is an important milestone and our first JBP in China, and the focus is on innovation and the sharing of information and data, working together to create deeper consumer engagement”.  “This unique deal took 6 months to develop and we are delighted that with this focused partnership that we could deliver commercial and strategic value. This is a transformational relationship formed with Tencent to jointly develop and lead best in class solutions in data, content, capabilities and innovation, delivering a quantum shift in Mondelez business.” R.K.Mani, Managing Director - International Clients of Carat China said.  A key facilitator of the partnership, Meg Chen, Head of Amplifi China Global Media Partnerships added: “It is a great honor to help bring about this partnership. Amplifi will continue develop the cooperation.”

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