Route 500

Route 500 is our high potential development program for all Carat employees globally. The aim of the program is to identify our future leaders and help them to build their capability and perform at a higher level.  The program is a collection of robust initiatives.  It is a road along which a small group of employees will find the support, guidance and opportunities they need to grow into more capable leaders.

The program offers members access to everything in Carat that can help them with their development. Members benefit from increased access to new working relationships, development opportunities and other resources they may need to succeed.  Activities are organised by a leading management consultancy and include: a calendar of training and networking events; residential trips once or twice a year; mentoring; master classes; the opportunity to be a member of steering committees; as well as the opportunity be considered for succession planning.

“Route 500 has allowed me the opportunity to network with and be inspired by colleagues in different markets and parts of the business, outside of my daily role. The tailored training programs and literature have also been very enlightening.”
Katie Atkinson, Digital Partner, Carat Global

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