Fetch Mobile Event: 22nd June


On the 22nd of June, we launched our Fetch in Scotland event to over 30 delegates from a range of Scottish companies. Speakers included James Lodge, Director of Mobile and Gilli Goodman from Google. Topics ranged from UX, advertising, measurement and more.


June saw the launch of Fetch in Scotland – the mobile experts causing a stir for their ground breaking work with the likes of Uber, ebay, Expedia and Apple Music to name a few. A 2014 acquisition for Dentsu Aegis Network, they have already begun working with Scottish-based clients to ensure their mobile app and site strategies stand out from the crowd.

This is the year of the mobile. Or was it was last year…or the year before that? Whenever it was, the UK smartphone penetration continues to grow at an alarming rate and many companies are being left behind when offering their customers a streamlined digital experience.

Fetch’s aim is to understand the mobile consumer, journey and communication better than anyone, and their presentation to around 40 delegates in Edinburgh on the 22nd proved they are ahead of the game in that respect.

James Lodge, Director of Fetch, reiterated that a smartphone is our tool for life; providing everything from a calculator to alarm clock to ticket holder to social hub. We can play games, chat to friends, record or watch videos… it is becoming our one stop shop for, well, pretty much everything.

So it’s obvious that a well thought out mobile strategy is imperative in this day and age. We are able to reach our customer on a device that will be on them at most, if not all, times of the day.

It should be easy right? Far from it.

With issues around attribution, measurement and even a well thought out site / app, there is a fine art to mobile marketing and Fetch cover everything from a strong UX experience including app vs m:site considerations, app design that exceeds expectations, advertising, creative, measurement and more.

A few consideration points include:

  • Should a company have a mobile site, app or both? The answer is not always straightforward.
  • The most important thing is to design, optimise and create with your audience in mind. How do they consume your information? Why? When? More than ever, audience insight is critical in ensuring a truly successful user experience.
  • We can’t continue to apply standard desktop advertising methods to mobile. Too often, a TV ad is placed on a social media platform. If we consider on a mobile, people typically view in a vertical mode with the sound off, this often means the message is being lost.
  • Consumers relate to different messaging at different times of the day. We need to align our advertising communications to these shifts.
  • 3 taps and you’re out. If a user experience is poor, you have lost that customer and are not likely to win them back.

It is clear that there is a lot to think about, and mobile strategies can often overwhelm. Thankfully, with a truly successful introduction to Fetch in Scotland, we have a solution that can help any company in the marketplace for a truly outstanding mobile strategy.

To find out more, please contact Mairi Beaver at mairi.beaver@carat.com or call 0131 561 7937 (from your mobile or landline) and she will be happy to chat to you... after all, that's what phones are for, right?


Case Studies


Fetch’s work with ebay included adapting campaigns to achieve a strong performance in varying markets. They enhanced seasonal opportunities to encourage people to shop, using rich media, video, native advertising and tactical offline media to achieve an 18.2% rise in intention to purchase during the campaign period. It was the winner of The Drum 2014 Best Mobile campaign and Best Mobile Advertising Campaign in the Mobile Retail Awards 2013.



Hotels.com tasked Fetch with developing a global strategy for multiple devices across a range of media. The team were able to serve an array of complex messages and images thanks to in depth data analysis, allowing for the right advert to be served to the right audience group and channel. Fetch have helped to achieve 33m downloads since 2011 and hotels.com is within the Top 10 travel apps in every market. This campaign won the Mobile Marketing Society Award in 2012 and Excellence in Mobile Marketing at the Marketing Excellence Awards in 2013.

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