Cruise ship holidays have long had a reputation for being the preserve of the elderly, as they're easy to access and travel. But as consumer behaviour insights specialist Canvas8 explore, cruise ship companies recognise a market of experience hunters, more and more young people are opting for convenient-to-book cruise holidays.

Travel Cruise Industry Young Travellers Travel Trends

The cruise industry – which has long been seen as the preserve of the wealthy and elderly saw $126 billion in total expenditure in 2016, with 33% of travellers having a median annual income of under $80,000.

Younger people are taking to the seas, as the market moves towards experienced-based travel. Some cruises now include swimming with sharks in South Africa, or riding a motorcycle in Alaska. And with 27 new cruise ships launching in 2018, it looks like consumers will continue to opt for cruise holidays as a valid alternative.

The cruise ship industry is recognising and responding to the desires of different demographics. From the eco-concious Gen Y travellers to the instagram-conscious thrillseekers, more and more are taking to cruise ships. A full 73% of people say they like a package holiday because of its convenience, while others are attracted to the immersive experiences cruise ship holidays can offer. 

Examples include Carnival Cruises who are personalising the experience with wearable tech, adjusting the experience to the traveller’s own tastes, while brands like Disney are launching cruise trips steeped in nostalgia. As cruise ship operators cast their nets for new customers even wider, the concept of holidaying on a boat is beginning to lose its sedate, seniors-first reputation for something more appealing to younger generations. 

This article was first published on the Carat Manchester website. 

Travel Cruise Industry Young Travellers Travel Trends
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