Unsere Vision

„Wir denken Media neu, und das schon immer. Wir liefern unseren Kunden konkrete Lösungen, die weit über Kommunikation und Kampagnenplanung hinausgehen und sie dabei unterstützen, ihr Geschäft kontinuierlich weiterzuentwickeln. Konvergent, in Echtzeit und mit nachhaltigem Erfolg. Um genau das zu erreichen, nutzen wir konsequent alle Chancen zukunftsorientierter Technologien, setzen auf die Möglichkeiten von Smart Data und Programmatic und entwickeln innovative Content-Strategien, die im Kopf bleiben. Heute, morgen und in Zukunft.“


Increasingly, media is disrupting our clients’ business models, challenging the way they have historically achieved value through media.

Our purpose is to redefine how we collaborate with clients, colleagues and external media partners. This means continually challenging the media status quo; seeking to reinvent legacy media models; looking to do things differently in media, to do them better. We have never been tied to the conventions of traditional advertising agencies, which has afforded us a level of agility and independent thinking in responding to people’s rapidly evolving communication behaviours.


Carat’s mission is to Redefine Media.

Carat creates better business outcomes for clients through our command of media convergence. Consistently at the top of RECMA's Global Qualitative Evaluation Ranking, we service clients in 150 countries via a network of more than 9 000 talented staff.

We are uniquely designed to combine strategy with expert specialist execution, to deliver integrated solutions for our clients – from integrated media ecosystems reflective of culture, to data-enabled content delivered programmatically and optimised continuously.

We are redefining media in four ways: redefining insight, redefining planning, redefining investment and redefining business outcomes.


Our network attracts media and marketing professionals who are brave; who want to challenge what has gone before; people who want to be the catalysts for change for our clients.



Insight, Planning, Investment and Business Outcomes


Lesen Sie mehr im Carat Manifesto.

Redefining Media.