Oreo Play Together

Oreo enjoyed the biggest bite of the Chinese snacking market, but research showed that consumers didn’t have the deep, emotional relationship with the brand that made it more than the best-selling biscuit. To move more products, we had to move people. 

Chinese society values family and togetherness highly, but people are finding it harder to connect emotionally with the ones they love, thanks to the fast-paced modern lifestyle. On many occasions, even when we are physically together, we can be emotionally apart.

Oreo discovered that when we unleash the childhood spirit inside us, we naturally create childlike delightful moments that bring us closer. Even if the moments are small, they mean a lot. So the strategy was to enable people to Play Together with Oreo, and with loved ones. 

What better way to tackle a modern problem than with the ubiquitous modern platform, using mobile as our playground? 

& 25 millions Emojis generated


We worked with China’s biggest mobile platform, WeChat, to create OREO ‘Emojis’, animated digital templates that allowed people to play with their own face and the face of someone they care about.

The Emojis made an instant moment of fun when they were created and shared in social conversations.

To drive sales, we used redemption codes on-pack which unlocked extra Emojis. 

We even turned bus stops into groundbreaking Oreo Play Zones, where people could use WeChat as a remote control to display their Emojis and print them as stickers. It took off, and now kids, parents, teens and everyone have lasting reminders of their fun moments of connection. 

The Emoji craze spread like wildfire, even making it onto TV entertainment news after celebrities posted their personal Oreo Emojis in social media.

It seems the whole of China wanted a bite of Oreo Emojis.

& 25 millions Emojis generated
l 1.7 billion Impressions across all the leading social networks, including WeChat and Weibo
$ 50% Sales growth
$ 330,000 On-pack code redemptions worth US$1 million in sales
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