Friso “Listening to Mums”


To build an emotional connection with a new generation of net savvy mums, we harnessed search data to create customized content for Friso, in a simple, vivid and understandable way, and transformed the search results pages to be there with answers for mums in the moments that matter.

E 662% campaign ROI


Competition is fierce in the infant milk powder sector. Brand trust is crucial to winning the loyalty of new mothers.

Friso have been in the Chinese market for 20 years. We needed to find an effective way to stand out, and establish a deep emotional connection, with the new generation of net savvy mums.

For the first time, this generation’s immediate reaction to their baby’s cry is to turn to their phones; asking mum has become ask Baidu.

Our communication approach needed to adapt to their digital lifestyle, and understand their path to purchase.


Our research revealed two key traits in the Post 80’s Mum.  They were self sufficient, preferring to solve problems via search engines and doing so by seeking simple, vivid and understandable content.

And, they were happy to buy online, share news about their purchases and comment on reviews.

This insight was fundamental to our planning.  Friso needed to be present in the moments that mattered and we could use search data to reveal what these were.


Firstly, we started by understanding the top 16 hottest topics related to infant nursing according to Baidu big data.

Secondly, addressing these topics we made customized content for Friso, in a simple, vivid and understandable way.

Our 16 topics and more than 300+ associated key words became the bridge between consumers and the Friso brand.

Thirdly, we choose China’s largest online video platform, IQIYI to create a Friso brand zone with content, interaction and purchasing sections.

Moreover, to fulfill consumers’ demand of easy way to purchase, we put an obvious brand buoys linking directly to Friso on Tmall.

E 662% campaign ROI
l 502 daily Clicks to the IQIYI zone vs. average 200
v 4 mins’ visit duration vs. average of 1 min
& 2,500 Positive comments


ROI Awards 2015

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