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Today many young people in China are so afraid of being judged, being weird, and being different that they have forgotten who they are. In order to celebrate originality with Chinese youth and give them the confidence to be true to themselves, adidas Originals rallied people to proudly express and show to the world #THIS IS ME, through an integrated use of traditional, non-traditional and guerilla channels. 

E 78% Footwear sales growth


For this campaign, we wanted to focus on youth influencers and opinion leaders. Trendsetters in the fashion community who are confident and express themselves through style. They lead the rest of the youth population who are still more focused on fitting in and afraid of being judged, being weird, of being different.

We needed our media channels to empower expression and deliver the message that it’s ok to say;

Hey, here I am,


Integrating our planning and channel mix to reach out to originals consumers who do not regularly consume traditional media but still deliver at scale.


adidas Originals had a perception problem. Despite being a major and well-recognized label, previous campaigns had failed to ignite the celebration of originality and cool at the heart of the brand.

Originals is a brand that celebrates street culture. However this conflicts with China’s cultural values of respect for authority and harmony. Traditions that teach people to follow norms rather than show who they are.

Our objective was to celebrate originality with Chinese youth, celebrate how to be true to themselves, learn their unique true colors and have the confidence to shine.

The idea was expressed as #THISISME


We wanted to empower creativity and expression. This led to the #THISISME manifesto and a 3 stage campaign to bring the proposition to life:

Create Buzz – Guerilla stencil art, supported by digital teaser ads and seeding by brand ambassadors including Fan BingBing & Eason Chan

Empower Expression – Combine TVC, lifestyle press & digital for scale. Use experiential to deliver immersive engagement and connect with interactive in store experience. Underpin with an app to collate user generated content

Celebrate Creativity – Reward advocates with a finale party, broadcast across social channels and showcase a gallery of the best #THISISME

E 78% Footwear sales growth
w 61% of shoppers cited the campaign as the reason for purchase
r 12% increase in seeing the brand as “has personality”
$ 53% Apparel sales growth

adidas Originals is a brand of infinite possibilities, it’s about a confidence in yourself and being able to express yourself. #THISISME embodied the power of the brand to connect with Chinese consumers and created opportunities to celebrate their originality.

Simon Millar VP of Marketing, adidas China


China Advertising Great Wall Awards 2015

+2 Other Awards

ROI Awards - Silver
China 4A Golden Seal Awards - Silver

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