Donut Resist Donut King

2014 | Carat Brisbane

Donut King reconnected with the tough to reach 15-29 demographic through bringing to life their "Make It Fun" proposition, turning it into a social media trending topic that was amplified out through relevant bought media.

) 2.1 million Reach In digital alone, over 2.1 million people were reached at launch.


The challenge was to reach and engage Taylor, our audience profile focused on the 15-29 age group. The Donut King brand and proposition was losing relevance within this group in the face of stiff competition from 7-Eleven and Boost.

The Donut King brand had started a process of reinvigoration, with the proposition ‘Make it Fun’ as the central platform. Our task was to bring this proposition to life for the target audience, and spark a business outcome for Donut King.


Taylor is your typical Millennial. Our deep dive into CCS & Roy Morgan, supported by the recent Pew Research Centre report (March 2014), highlighted Taylor’s detachment from traditional institutions and reliance on networked friends.

Our communications platform was to ‘Reignite the Fun’. The idea had to play out through their social network, as the driving motivator in their lives. Our idea was to make #donutking a trending topic in the social sphere through a carefully orchestrated content and engagement campaign. Our catch-cry was ‘Donut resist #donutking’; our strategy was to infiltrate Taylors’ social networks with this, and turn it into a movement!



The key to success was carefully coordinated phasing and roll out of tactics to build momentum without losing credibility. We achieved this through:

  • Identifying key influencers to launch the idea, establishing a credible foundation for the campaign. This occurred through Boom (advocacy network), Facebook and MCM.
  • We then activated media partners to build momentum and reach. This occurred through radio integrations and promotions that got people talking.
  • Finally a retail outcome was driven through targeted promotional messages. This was done through outdoor and location targeted digital tactics.

Through clear coordination of effort the campaign escalated over time, established a strong and high reaching connection with the audience and ultimately got people in store to try and buy the product.


We set out to become part of Taylor’s social network. #donutking was mentioned over 18,000 times by our target audience on social. In digital alone we reached over 2.1M people at launch and over 3.8M in the final retail push.

On Facebook #donutking ranked the 4th most popular # on this platform for May – beating #stateoforigin and #vivid!

In radio we reached 613,000 15-29 year olds, plus another 230,000 through their social networks, and 4.2M 18-39 year olds through outdoor.

And the net result – in the face of tough retail trends where other food retailers were experiencing declines, Donut King held their ground.

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