Cadbury Picnic & Tinder: An Unexpected New Relationship

2015 | Carat Melbourne

One of life’s bravest acts is attempting to start a new relationship. One of life’s riskiest acts is attempting to do it on Tinder. The Cadbury Picnic ‘Pick Me’ campaign did both.



l 137,000 Right Swipes on Tinder

The Challenge:

After five long years of radio silence, Cadbury Picnic had slipped off the radar and out of the consideration set of younger chocolate bar consumers. It had been too long between drinks, and millennials had well and truly dropped our name off the door list.

Parent company, Mondelez International, wanted to turn this trend around. They put it to us to find a way to forge a new relationship between Picnic and millennials.

Our idea needed to (re)introduce the Picnic brand to millennials and get them interacting with us, as well as breathe new life into its ‘Deliciously Ugly’ brand essence.


Millennials have been called many things – not all of them suitable for printing – however one key characteristic consistently comes up: image-conscious. ‘Generation Selfie’ are all about aesthetics.

This is fine, of course, unless you’re a ‘deliciously ugly’ chocolate bar looking to make a connection. Cadbury Picnic is a lot of things, but pretty isn’t one of them. And we’re okay with that – we know it’s what’s on the inside that counts. We just needed to convince millennials of that.

There is nowhere the millennial emphasis on appearance is more pronounced than in the bold new world of online dating apps, where first impressions are everything, assessments are purely aesthetic, and the decision to connect made in a split second. 

Our idea was to get Aussie millennials looking to make new connections to look beyond the surface and give Picnic a chance. So, like any self-respecting millennial looking to start a new relationship, we got on Tinder. 

The Execution: 

Tinder ticked all the boxes for us – high reach, highly engagement, and a bank of lovelorn millennials looking to make new connections.  It was right line with Picnic’s cheeky and fun brand personality, while still being totally unexpected for us, or any other FMCG brand for that matter. 

We also partnered with ‘millennial-whisperers’, Nova Entertainment, who lent us their very own resident bachelor, Tommy Little, as the official face of the Cadbury Picnic ‘Pick Me’ campaign.

Together we launched Tinder Australia’s very first custom-built interactive video unit. The video featured Tommy Little imploring users not to ‘swipe left’ on Picnic based on appearances alone – beauty isn’t everything, after all, as any Picnic-lover knows.

Their incentive for swiping right and connecting with Picnic, besides not breaking Tommy's heart of course, was the chance to win an invite to a very special event. Not just any event – one of those ‘money-can’t-buy, #FOMO inducing’ events millennials live for:

The Cadbury Picnic ‘Pick Me’ Party – a speed dating event like no other.

The Pick Me Party was carefully designed as the perfect environment for making new connections, even down to a wingman on hand for all the awkward ice-breakers – MC Tommy Little.

Via the interactive ad unit (cross promoted on-air on Nova) Tommy invited users to swipe right on Picnic and share their best worst date stories with us for a chance to win tickets.

The exclusive Pick Me Party took place at Melbourne's Savoy Tavern, with 100 lucky winners being treated to Picnic-themed cocktails, live entertainment, a killer dance floor and - most importantly - the chance to meet their perfect match thanks to Picnic. 


The Results: 

The partnership between Cadbury Picnic and Tinder was a match made in heaven.

Tinder identified this campaign as one of their most successful outside of the US, with a 16% engagement rate – over and above the 12% global benchmark. 

Via our Nova and Tinder activity, we connected with 43% of ALL millennials in our target markets of Melbourne and Sydney (total: 2.2mil).

Given the elusive, difficult-to-reach nature of the millennial audience, delivering these numbers with a modest budget and two media partners was a huge success.

Over 137,000 millennials ‘right-swiped’ to connect with Picnic on Tinder; more engagement than Picnic had seen in a long time. 1,522 people shared their worst date stories for a chance to win tickets to the Cadbury Picnic ‘Pick Me’ Party – 92% of which were P18-39; a fantastic result that proves the campaign was cutting through and making an impact on millennials.

The best part? We were able to push the boundaries of FMCG advertising and take our client into a progressive new space, marking the start of a most unexpected new relationship: Tinder and Cadbury Picnic.

l 137,000 Right Swipes on Tinder
A 43% Total Millennials Reached
Q 16% Engagement on Tinder
& 1500+ Dating Stories Shared

“It has been a great experience working collaboratively to bring to life a campaign which is truly unique to the Mondelez International business. Carat’s endless persistence was the glue that brought this campaign together. A huge thank you for pushing through the late night phone calls and challenges and being so solutions-focused.”

Stephanie Ringwood Brand Manager – Bars, Mondelez International
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