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Trend: Share of Engagement - The New Measure

As brands increasingly turn to bought, owned, and earned ecosystems we should be focusing on share of engagement (SOE) over share of voice (SOV) as a measure of impact. Whilst SOV considers all paid media spend, it fails to account for the earned, owned, and shared experiences contributing to the overall impact a brand has on the consumer. Ultimately, assessing consumer interaction with brands is no longer a question of how much we spend in relation to our competitors but rather the summation of total brand experiences that a brand has compared to the rest of the market.

International Women's Day, That's a Wrap!

On March 8, many brands across the globe took to their social platforms to celebrate the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women on International Women’s Day. With the opportunity to demonstrate their support for the acceleration of gender equality, brands like, ANZ, Microsoft, The Iconic, and even the Newtown Fire Station, all created social content to distribute in support of the day.

Hire a Hitman, Kill the Ads

Popular assassination video game, Hitman, has launched an interactive video campaign allowing users to ‘kill the ads’ by clicking where the usual ‘skip ad’ function would be. Once users click to kill, the protagonist from Hitman appears and gruesomely kills the bad guy before #HitHappens appears. This is a great way to engage consumers, and give them control over the outcome of the ad. The big question is…when will YOU kill the ad?


Instagram Improving Their User Experience

Instagram have announced that it will begin testing changes to its feed in order to switch it to an algorithm based structure like its parent company Facebook. Instagram claims the new algorithm will prioritise accounts that align to users' interests as well as accounts that people frequently interact with. Unlike Facebook however, Instagram aren’t (yet) removing posts from feeds deemed irrelevant. Instead, they’re merely reordering content (currently delivered chronologically)  from most relevant to least relevant in a bid to better the user experience.

Snapchat version 2.0

Snapchat 'Chat 2.0' has just launched adding a multitude of features to the application and improving functionality. As part of the update, stickers, video notes, audio notes and audio calls have been added to the platform. This allows users to communicate in any way possible within a flexible environment that will likely feel more natural to Millennials. Whilst there are no ad opportunities yet, it possible that stickers may become monetised in the future, allowing brands to be a part of chat too.


Junkee Remove Their Banners

In a move towards a 100% native adverting model, Junkee media has made a commitment to discontinue running banner ads. The move came off the back of company run research showing that 55% of Australian millennials (18-34) are already using AdBlockers. The move has not been given an official start date and with the majority of traffic likely coming from mobile (for which AdBlockers aren't currently available), the immediate impact will be minimal.   

Audience Data, 28 Days Later

From this Sunday, OzTam will officially be releasing 28-day time shift TV viewing data.
The new data set, showing program viewership habits from 8-28 days will account for approximately 1.8% of total TV viewing. Whilst 7-day time-shifted viewing will remain the standard trading currency, the TV networks will possibly include the new data set in their communications moving forward to increase overall viewership for their programs, a watch out for buyers in the future.


Cadbury Activation Raises Important Funds For The Australian Paralympic Team

In an exciting Australian first, last month Cadbury partnered with Seven Network’s Weekend Sunrise to help raise important funds for the Australian Paralympic Committee in the lead up to the Rio 2016 Games. The Parathon campaign included live telecasted personality meet-and-greets and exciting fundraising activations. In addition to the campaign, Cadbury contributed AUD $1 million to the Australian Paralympic Foundation as part of its pledge of support for the Australian Paralympic Team and the development of para-sport in Australia.

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