Sue Squillance, CEO ANZ among B&T's Women in Media Power List

Sue Squillance, CEO Carat Australia & New Zealand Sue Squillance, CEO Carat Australia & New Zealand
Sue Squillance, CEO Carat Australia & New Zealand

B&T’s Women in Media Power List was brought into this world to recognise the women making the greatest difference in Australia’s advertising, marketing, and media communities. 

The criteria consider the size and the health of the organisation the woman works for, its social and cultural importance, its impact on the industry’s economics, and the arc of the woman’s career. 

Importantly, we also look at how the woman is using her powers to help inclusivity and equality. But, like all lists, there is conjecture to be had. 

As was the case last year, we have excluded CMOs as their dollar spend would make it hard for anyone else to make the list. Stay close to B&T as we hope to very shortly announce our female CMO power list.

The list of women who don’t make the final 30 grows each year. Indeed, we had more than 500 women in consideration at one stage or another over the course of the past 12 months. 

We hope this is for a few reasons. Firstly, we’re more aware of the amazing work women are doing. Secondly, our list is gaining notoriety and, therefore, more people are making sure fewer women miss our attention. Thirdly, there is actually more women holding powerful positions and using their influence to bring even more women into positions of power. 

In short, we hope in our own small way we’re redressing the balance.

Carat CEO, Australia and New Zealand, Sue Squillance features at number 25 of the 30 finalists.

Alongside Sue is finalist dentsu CEO for Australia and New Zealand, Angela Tangas who reached spot  number 10. 

Read the full profile features for Sue, Angela and the full list of finalists on B&T here.

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